MRI FUSION FOR PROSTATE BIOPSY in OFFICE question CPT billing-2 questions

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We perform MRI FUSION prostate biopsies in Office setting with a Radiologist that comes in 1x month bringing/using the MRI image disk and Fusion Program that we rent to use and pay him per patient. There is a question of the billing for this by our office.
1.We have been billing 55700, 76872-59, 76942-59, 76377-59 and 77021-59. We are not billing with 26 modifiers as we are renting the equipment and Radiology equipment being used for MRI Needle placement for Prostate Biopsy. We are not performing the MRI but using the MRI Images on disk for needle placement. Can we get confirmation of correct coding/billing or information needed to bill correctly?

2. The Radiologist has told us we can bill 64430 Pain block for Anal Pain ICD-10 K62.89 &/or K94.29 for these such MRI FUSION Biopsies. Does anyone have information on this subject?