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Does anyone know if a doctor of internal medicine can bill for an ultrasound that is performed by a certified tech and read by a radiologist. Can he bill the global code and pay the radiologist per read? Where can I find information about this? Thanks.
The doctor for internal medicine cannot get reimbursed for these ultrasounds, though performed by a certified tech and reported by him. Only the radiologist can get reimbursed for these ultrasounds.
campcpc, yes you can bill for the ultrasound and charge an outside read fee. we do reads for family healthcare facilities and other radiology prcatices. your best bet is to bill globally. not try and bill technical component only b/c as of 2009 most insurance won't allow seperate billing. hope this helps oh if you decide to bill for the technical component or professional component seperately be sure to add appropriate modifiers.

Can you please tell me more information on why the insurances are not going to allow seperate TC and 26 billings for these procedures and other procedures divisible in the technical and professional components??

The family practice physician bills for ultrasounds globally using the phyician as the provider-and your radiology practice gets a fee for the read?
What state are you in?