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I have an op report that I'm having problems with.....MD dictated dx as urethra stone, massive prostatic urethral stone...he did a cystoscopy and using a laser fragmented the stone.
My question is there isn't a specific cpt for this so would I be using the unlisted or 52218????
Thank you in advance
how about 52353?

Here is a CPT assistant about it:

Question:Does code 52353 include laser lithotripsy of ureteral calculus with ureteroscopy and ureteral catheterization?

Answer:Yes. Code 52353, Cystourethroscopy, with ureteroscopy and/or pyeloscopy; with lithotripsy (ureteral catheterization is included), includes the fragmenting of the stone with a laser lithotripsy through the ureteroscopy as well as the ureteral catheterization, if performed. If a cystourethroscopy without ureteroscopy is performed with lithotripsy to fragment ureteral stones, then code 52325, Cystourethroscopy including ureteral catheterization; with fragmentation of ureteral calculus (eg, ultrasonic or electro-hydraulic technique), should be repo
Yes I did. In reading the description of cpt 52318, in CDR for Procedures, it doesn't include the urethra, or am I reading too much into this???? And cpt 52315 is removing....the MD did use laser to fragment the stone.
By chance, did you decide what code to use? I have a similar procedure to yours and I'm making myself crazy to find an answer.
If you look up lithotripsy of urethra in the index of the CPT book it refers you to 52353.
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