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I am trying to find out the correct diagnosis code to use for an insertions of vascular access devices. In Faye Brown it states to code to the malignancy or diagnosis that the patient is receiving treatment for and not the V58.81 code. But this pertained to in-patient status. Would the same rule apply to out-patient status for the insertion of VADs? Again, this is for a new insertion of a VAD and not a replacement or removal.

I code the reason for the VAD, which is generally the malignancy. I've never had any problems with this methodology for outpatient procedures.
In the 3M module under Faye Brown referecences. Go to the search menu and then type in VAD. It is under 24-Diseases of the Circulatory System, pgs. 282-283.

If anyone can find documentation of other dx. coding to substantiate this for out patient coding, I would appreciate the info.

After reviewing Chapt 24's references to VAD, I'm afraid I just cannot locate an area where the text speaks of using the indication for the procedure over the encounter reason as the Primary ICD Dx.

I do see where Faye spoke of the purpose of the catheters, but not anywhere that the V58 section is referenced, nor an area where the use of that section would be discouraged as the Primary Dx.

I'd check Coding Clinic for references on that V58 section and catheter insertion encounters.

As for inpatient vs outpatient coding, keep in mind that during the IP encounter (DRG), it is not necessary link procedures and diagnoses; there is no such concept in IP coding.
I will cut and paste the text I am referring to when I return to work tomorrow. But if you review the text in the ICD-9 for the V58.81, it states that this code is used for replacement or removal of the VAD. I actually went further into reviewing the code and the reason this particular code was added was due to the fact that coders and billers complained that there was not a more specific code for exchanging or removing a VAD. So I am assuming that prior to the addition of this V code, that the condition was coded. I did look in the coding clinics but again, could not find specific documentation on this subject. Thanks for the replies and your help!