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HISTORY: Left subclavian port is broken at its entrance site into the left subclavian vein with the distal fragment entering

PROCEDURE: Informed consent obtained. Right groin prepped, draped and anesthetized in usual fashion. Right
common femoral vein puncture and with an 18-gauge singlewall needle. Guide were advanced. 9-French sheath placed.

Inferior venacavogram was unremarkable. A 6-French catheter was advanced into the SVC and superior venacavogram
was unremarkable aside from the broken fragment of the port which extends from the mid SVC into the right atrium..

25-mm diameter Nitinol snare was used to grab the proximal end of the free central line fragment and pull it into the
9-French sheath and simply removed from the body. Hemostasis was obtained at the groin without difficulty.

IMPRESSION: Successful fluoroscopically guided transfemoral snaring and retrieval of a broken central line foreign body
within the SVC/RA.

would u bill 75827-26/59 with 37203/75961-26 or just bill 37203/75961-26 by itself.
yes its done in the the hospital. so i would just code 37203/75961-26 and not the 75827-26
I would not code the venacavagram because they knew why they were going in there so no diagnostic angiogram was really done.