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Patient came in for a wellnes exam, it is obvious that it is her very first wellness exam (i.e. welcome to MC), but the documentation does not state it is a "Welcome to Medicare exam", it just states it is a wellness. My question is does it actually have to state in the note it is a "Welcome to Medicare" exam?

The Welcome to Medicare visit has very specific requirements (as do the 2 different Medicare Annual Wellness Visit).

It is important to note that these 3 visits are NOT complete physical exams.

Among other things a Welcome to Medicare Visit must include:

Depression screening
Safety screening
End of life planning

I haven't been a coder all that long but I have never seen a regular wellness exam that contains the elements required for any of the Medicare Wellness Visits.

As always, your best bet is to check the CMS website for full details. I was able to download some great reference sheets that list everything that is required for each visit.