Wiki Well Care Child Checks???


Branford, CT
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we are trying to figure out our billing for our infants - first year

We have detailed forms for the initial visit (usually 2-3 days) a 2 week - one month visit and then starts the regular series of 2,4, 6 etc

Before we had these forms, we saw the early visits as "weight checks" and billed as Feeding problem or rash or whatever we found on the visit

Now with these forms we have been billing as a well child check. We believe that since we were getting all the info that goes with a WCC we should bill this way. It brings up the issue that many insurance companies will not pay for this many WCC in the first year. Now as a group of providers, we are pretty detail oriented across the board and feel it is important to get this information at the visits, but how should we really be billing for them. Any guidance would be appreciated.