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:confused: HELP!! I am trying to figure out how to code and bill (if this is even possible) an encounter for which the dictation states the physician "was asked by a PA to review portable plain radiographs" of a patient's ankle obtained over a month ago. I am not sure if the radiographs have been reviewed before (I am aware that we cannot "double dip" and bill again) or whether our physician would be the first to review them which seems unlikely. Complicating this, the physician then sent his MA to the patient's nursing home residence to apply a Cam walker for which she did her own dictation. Again, I am not sure if or how to bill for this...any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
If your physician is mentioning that in his/her note(s) and an E/M service is provided, the review of that x-ray is part of the MDM and cannot be billed separately (double dipping).

However, if (sometime after an office visit) the patient was not seen that day and there is a formal report by the physician, you may use 76140 (no mods).