Z00.00 for a Pap and HPV


Grandville, MI
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I do diagnostic coding for my hospital's lab/x-ray/path depts...outpatient facility coding. I have many questions. I'll start with this one first.

Often the order will come in with a DX of Z00.00 adult general screening exam for a woman whose tests ordered are Pap and HPV.

I must enter an Admit Dx (only one is allowed), then a Primary and any number of secondaries.

For the above is this correct?

Admit Dx: Z00.00 Primary: Z00.00 Secondary: Z12.4 and Z11.51

How do I handle the EDIT that pops up stating I can't code Z12.4 with Z11.51?

I'm dying for insight on this scenario.

Thanks so much.


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We have similar issue coding lab orders. For the same date, either same PCP, or separate provider, the Cytology order comes with description of "Annual"/"Routine": Z01.419 and/or Z00.00. They do PAP screen, HPV screen and on same date, orders for blood work say checking thyroid, vit D.
The facility uses the same account (encounter)#. Edits raised when using Z01.419 and Z00.00 together, as both are expected to be first-listed. I am choosing to code: Z01.419 with Z11.51 (for gyn screenings), E03.9, E55.9 to cover the blood test. I omit the Z00.00. Does anyone have anyfeedback on the proper way to do this? Should the facility create separate account# (encounters) so the cytology is separate from the blood test?