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Norwalk, OH
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Can any of you help me with this? We have just started giving the Shingles Vaccine billed as 90716 along with the administration fee 90471

I see a preventive diagnosis code for Varicella Vax V05.4 and I see another one for (viral disease, unspecified) V04.89 I put them both on the bill and got them both denied.:confused:

Insurance has a problem with my diagnostic coding. Which one is correct? If neither of them are correct – does anyone know of the specific diagnosis code to bill for Shingles Vaccine?

correct me if i am wrong but isn't 90716-Varicilla not shingles which is 90736.

and if you are billing it to medicare, they will not pay for it. they do not see it medically neccessary

Try billing it like this 90736-v04.89 and 90471. that should go through. :)

i am not licensed yet but will soon :)
I'm sorry... I meant 90736... it was the diagnosis codes i was hung up on. I didn't think Varicella made sense as a diagnosis code - but didn't see anything more specific to use.

My bad - I'm so used to the 90716 code! :mad:

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.
You are welcome.

at the doctor's office i work at we bill the v04.89 and it works.

:) hope that helps