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Online medical coding courses at AAPC teach the essentials of medical coding, train students for certification, and help newly certified coding specialists establish their careers in a financially rewarding field.

Get online medical coding training, exam preparation, certification exams, and continuing education from the premier accreditation organization in the business of healthcare. AAPC's online programs are top-rated among medical coding schools—and online courses provide the surest and shortest path to your new career.

Advantages of choosing AAPC's online medical coding classes

Online medical and coding classes developed by AAPC, the same industry experts who create the certification exams, ensure a comprehensive education that prepares you for exam success. In fact, certification pass rates for AAPC's online classes are 50% higher than any other medical coding program.

At AAPC, we divide each online course into learning modules with tests at the end of each module to assess your progress. In addition to reading assignments, our courses feature audio lectures, critical-thinking exercises, and other learning materials.

A team of AAPC-certified coaches offers guidance and answers questions as you work through the training program. And AAPC's online medical coding classes cost a fraction of college programs, which have tuitions as high as $19K.

Why pay more for second-best online medical coding training?

Medical coding online training benefits

  • Career-ready in 6 months, no lengthy university studies

  • Highest pass rates, so your course fees pay exponential returns

  • Flexibility to learn at your pace from your home or office

  • Expert AAPC-certified coaches and training for proficient working knowledge

  • Full spectrum of online medical coding courses to advance your career — CPC®, COC®, CRC®, CIC®, and specialty-specific online medical coding training

  • Exclusive AAPC member benefits — job networking, savings, and free or low-cost CEU opportunities

  • Best value with optimal employment and earning potential

Individual courses

All online courses:

Anatomy Course - Strongly recommended for any coding or billing course

Medical Terminology Course - Strongly recommended for any coding or billing course

Evaluation and Management (E/M) Course - Strongly recommended for any Evaluation and Management (E/M) Course

Behavioral Health Coding Course - Includes foundation material on common diagnoses and treatments

Online medical coding training & career FAQs

How to get medical coding certification online?

Many organizations offer online programs to train for medical coding certification. Before choosing one, do some research. Make sure the program covers the necessary skills required to perform well at the profession, compare costs, and look for training features you consider important. Above all, compare certification pass rates. You’ll want to choose a program with a high pass rate to ensure you get the education you deserve.

Do employers prefer a medical coding degree over certification?

Employers look for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) credential because it demonstrates mastery of the skills they need. Students who pursue a medical coding degree will eventually sit for the CPC exam to add the CPC credential to their name.

How many graduates successfully attain their CPC?

The number of graduates who successfully attain their CPC certification vary from program to program. Many variables factor into passing the CPC exam—amount of study time, availability of educational tools and resources, and quality of training.

At AAPC, the pass rate of our CPC students exceeds 80%, which is unmatched by other programs and underscores the need to carefully select a medical coding school that will deliver a first-rate education.

How do I get a medical coding job without job experience?

AAPC offers its members a variety of opportunities to gain pre-employment experience, all of which improve your resume and hiring potential. Practicode, for instance, is an online medical coding training tool that delivers concentrated experience equal to one year of on-the-job medical coding.

Which is best: online training for medical coding or classroom training?

Online training programs allow students to achieve certification quicker than attending a college. You can be career-ready in only 4 to 12 months. Online certification training programs are also more affordable than a 2- or 4-year degree program. Learning medical coding online is an effective training option to prepare for the certification employers require.

In comparison to classroom training, an online medical coding education offers the greatest flexibility to study where and when you want. For people with jobs, families, or other responsibilities, online training is the best way to train and maintain work-life balance.  

When considering online vs. classroom training options, you may want to train in-class if you learn best in a classroom setting. Classroom training will ensure you’re well prepared to sit for your certification exam and achieve your goals. AAPC offers classes in convenient locations throughout the USA. Search for a medical coding class near you.

How much do online medical coding classes cost?

AAPC packages range from $2295 to $3095, giving students the best education at the best value compared to colleges that charge between $10,000 and $19,500 for medical coding training.

How much money do medical coders make a year?

The average salary for medical coders in the U.S. in 2022 was $58,055 annually. Median compensation typically increases 7 to 9% each year. Medical coders who possess more than one AAPC certification earn significantly more, as do medical coding managers who oversee the work of CPCs.

Are medical coders in high demand?

U.S. physicians see roughly 860.4 million patients each year — and every patient encounter requires a medical coder to report the office visit. So, yes, medical coding is a great career choice in terms of job demand and the financial stability an in-demand profession offers.

Is medical coding a good career choice?

Job security is an important quality-of-life factor, which is one reason medical coding is a good career choice. Despite economic fluctuations that impact unemployment rates for most professions, the need for healthcare professionals, including medical coders, is at an historic high.

Not only has the U.S. Baby Boomer generation—20% of our population—reached its golden years, but the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 78 million people age 65 and over will increase 55% by 2030. Given the rise in chronic conditions prevalent among this population, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) anticipates a shortage of nearly 105,000 physicians by 2030. This deficit extends to medical coding specialists.

Which is the best medical coding certification ?

AAPC’s Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification is the best one to start with as a new medical coder. CPC training provides an education in physician-based, or professional fee, coding. This knowledge is foundational to all types of medical coding, such as outpatient coding, hospital coding, and risk adjustment coding.

Many medical coders enjoy lifelong careers with their CPC credential, while others choose to build on their education by training in a physician-based specialty or becoming certified for hospital coding.

Where do medical coders work?

Medical coders work in every type of healthcare facility, including physician practices, ambulatory surgical centers, long-term care facilities, hospitals, labs, and insurance companies. Only Certified Inpatient Coders (CICs), for instance, are equipped to work in the inpatient hospital setting, as this role requires knowledge of a unique code set (ICD-10-PCS) and Medicare-Severity Diagnotic-Related Groups (MS DRG).

CPCs are trained in professional fee coding, which encompasses all physician and clinician-based services. As such, CPCs are qualified to work in medical offices, walk-in clinics, telehealth groups, labs, and insurance companies.

Can you work from home as a medical coder?

Medical coding is primarily completed on a computer, and direct contact with patients is not required, which makes the potential option to work from home a possibility. Approximately 51% of AAPC-certified medical coders currently work from home.

Can I get free career counseling for medical coding?

AAPC offers free career counseling to help you make the best decisions for your situation and needs. Our career counselors are available at your convenience and eager to answer your questions, lay out your career training options, and support you on your journey in professional medical coding. Feel free to call 877-290-0440 to speak to a career counselor or have a career counselor call you.

Certified Professional Coder (CPC)® Training

The CPC credential is the gold-standard credential for medical coders. AAPC's CPC Certification Preparation Course is an entry-level course that prepares you to take your CPC exam.

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