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Anatomy Online Training Course

Prerequisite Training
Take the online Anatomy Course for just $395 for members ($577.99 for non-members).

In this online anatomy course, you will gain familiarity with the structural components and functions of the body's nine organ systems and how anatomy relates to the medical record.

When to enroll

This course is applicable for beginners with no healthcare experience or for professionals who need to refresh their knowledge of anatomy before beginning their certification training or taking a certification exam. All certification exams will test your knowledge of anatomy. 


Knowledge of human anatomy is fundamental for all medical billers and coders.  

Education and experience requirements

No experience necessary. AAPC prerequisite courses are recommended, but not required.

Course length

Train at your own pace with on-demand learning. Average time to completion is 40 hours over two months. You’ll have access to a certified coaching team to help you along the way.

Continuing education units

20 CEUs for AAPC-certified members. CEUs are only applicable to CPC, CPPM, COC, CPB, CIC, and CRC credentials.

Financial options

Pay over time. Make easy monthly payments over 12 months.

Course curriculum overview

Our anatomy training course provides you with a base level of understanding of the systematic integration of the structure and function of the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the human body and how anatomy relates to the medical record. Chapters include focus on the body’s major systems: cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine, nervous, skeletal, and organ. 

Anatomy training objectives

  • Define terms and concepts related to the anatomical nomenclature

  • Define the anatomy and physiology of the nine organ systems of the human body

  • Understand anatomy as it relates to the medical record

  • Use anatomic reference systems to identify the anatomic position for all major organ systems

What students are saying

  • Vanessa Bontempi


    I took the live online course offered by AAPC and it was worth every penny. I sent my instructor a thank you note today.

    Vanessa Bontempi

  • Pereza Corp


    The courses through AAPC are great and prepare you for the exam.

    Pereza Corp

  • Danielle Ledford student testimonial


    I took the online AAPC course. It was full of useful information and I passed my test the first time.

    Danielle Ledford

Course bundle includes

  • A digital version of your textbook, Structure & Function of the Body, 16th Edition by Kevin Patton PhD and Gary Thibodeau PhD.

  • Access to certified coaches.

  • Certificate of completion.

FAQs: Get your questions answered

What is anatomy? 

Human anatomy focuses on the structure of the human body — including the organization and relationships of various body parts, such as bones, muscles, organs, and tissues. It explores where body parts are located, how they’re connected, and what they do.  

How will this online course help you learn anatomy? 

The anatomy course content is broken up into 8 modules and taught through reading assignments, practice exercises, module review tests, and a final exam. With the help of a medical dictionary and the course textbook, expert instructors will guide students as they learn anatomical terms and the body systems — as well as how to identify them on medical records. 

Why does anatomy play an important role in certification training? 

To successfully complete your certification training or pass your certification exam, you’ll need to have a strong grasp of anatomy. Knowledge of anatomy is required to correctly identify and assign appropriate codes, ensuring proper reimbursement and compliance with regulations. Everyone training for a role in revenue cycle management should know anatomy so they are prepared to effectively navigate the complexities of coding, billing, and documentation. 

Why train with AAPC?

> You get to train with the same experts who created the exams. Why study at an institution that bases its curriculum on AAPC’s when you can train directly with us?

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