Medical Terminology Online Course

Prerequisite Training
Take the online Medical Terminology Course for just $395 for members ($604.95 for non-members).

Students who successfully complete the medical terminology course will be able to speak with confidence, be able to understand what they hear in a healthcare setting, and be able to respond easily and naturally with the correct pronunciation of important medical terms. 

Understanding medical terminology is essential for efficient communication and operation between physicians, non-clinical staff, and healthcare organizations. 

When to enroll

This medical terminology class is applicable for beginners with no healthcare experience or for professionals who need to refresh their knowledge of medical terminology before beginning their certification training or taking a certification exam. 


Start speaking the language of healthcare after just one lesson. Gain confidence and understand your peers in healthcare.

Education and experience requirements

No experience necessary. AAPC prerequisite courses are recommended, but not required. Students will need an ICD-10-CM (current year) book to complete the course.

Course length

Train at your own pace with on-demand learning. Average time to completion is 40 hours over two months. You’ll have access to a certified coaching team to help you along the way.

Continuing education units

20 CEUs for AAPC-certified members. CEUs are only applicable to CPC, CPPM, COC, CPB, CIC, and CRC credentials.

Financial options

Pay over time. Make easy monthly payments over 12 months.

Course curriculum overview

This online medical terminology course consists of 16 chapters, 10 module tests, and a final exam. You’ll learn the terminology used in the medical coding and medical billing profession, as well as how it applies in clinical settings. 

This course is valuable for anyone preparing for a career in any non-clinical medical profession, and strongly recommended for anyone who is preparing for an AAPC certification examination. 

Medical terminology training objectives

  • Correctly identify the roles of the four types of word parts in forming medical terms

  • Analyze unfamiliar medical terms using that knowledge of word parts

  • Define anatomy and physiology and use anatomic reference systems to identify the anatomic position for all major organ systems

  • Learn medical terms and medical abbreviations for each body system

What students are saying

  • Vanessa Bontempi


    I took the live online course offered by AAPC and it was worth every penny. I sent my instructor a thank you note today.

    Vanessa Bontempi

  • Pereza Corp


    The courses through AAPC are great and prepare you for the exam.

    Pereza Corp

  • Danielle Ledford student testimonial


    I took the online AAPC course. It was full of useful information and I passed my test the first time.

    Danielle Ledford

Course bundle includes

  • A world-class textbook featuring a comprehensive medical terminology glossary and detailed, full-color illustrations to clarify text and support visual learning (Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide, Ninth Edition Barbara Janson Cohen, MSEd, and Shirley A. Jones, MSEd, MHA, MSN, EMT-P, RN).

  • Access to certified coaches.

  • Certificate of completion.

FAQs: Get your questions answered

What is medical terminology? 

Medical terminology is the vocabulary, or medical language, used by healthcare professionals to accurately document patient information and effectively communicate about diseases, treatments, procedures, and the human body. Medical terms often consist of words, prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations derived from Latin, Greek, and other languages.  

Is the medical terminology course hard?

Learning medical terminology takes time and patience — just like learning any other new language or skill. This course will help you break down complex terms into smaller components so you can focus on learning one aspect at a time. Many students start this course with no prior knowledge of medical terminology, yet finish with a strong grasp of the subject by the end. 

What is the goal of the medical terminology course?

This course is designed to equip medical coders, medical billers, and other professionals working in revenue cycle management with a strong understanding of medical conditions, procedures, medications, and other aspects of patient care. Mastering medical terminology early on in your training establishes a strong foundation for continued learning and professional growth throughout your career.  

Why train with AAPC?

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