Preventive Medicine, Individual Counseling CPT® Code range 99401- 99404

This code range includes surgery CPT® codes and descriptions. The American Medical Association (AMA) maintains the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set. Surgical code updates occur each January 1.

The surgery CPT® codes list includes codes that represent fine needle aspiration biopsy procedures, surgical procedures on specific body systems (integumentary, musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, hemic and lymphatic, mediastinum and diaphragm, digestive, urinary, male genital, reproductive, female genital, endocrine, nervous, eye and ocular adnexa, auditory).

There are also surgery CPT® codes specific to maternity care and delivery. The surgery CPT® code range also includes 69990 for use of an operating microscope.

For unlisted surgical procedures, meaning those procedures or services that do not have a more specific and appropriate CPT® code available, the CPT® surgical code set includes a long list of codes, from 15999 for unlisted excision pressure ulcer procedures to 69979 for unlisted temporal bone procedures from a middle fossa approach.

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CPT® Code Range 99401- 99404
Section 99401-99404
Preventive Medicine, Individual Counseling
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We have 3 IBLCs in our office. We create an encounter for mom and bill 99401-99404 codes, then baby is only billed if they see a physician.... [ Read More ]