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    Wiki Help me choose my frist coding job.

    Hello, first I thought I should tell you all my experience, then what the jobs are and what they offer, then the problems I see with each. This would be my first coding job and I just really want it work out well. So first I want to say, everything I know about coding I taught myself. So I feel...
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    Wiki Icd 10 code for tonsillar ectopia

    Please advise diagnosis code used for tonsillar ectopia. Thank you.
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    Wiki Billing Endoscopy Codes

    Can CPT code 31276 Rt be billed with 31296 LT. I checked the CCI edits and it indicated that it could but required a modifier. Possibly -50 bililateral. Please advise
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    Wiki Cascc exam

    I Tried so hard on the exam and still failed. Can any one here give me some advise of how or what need to study in order to pass the exam? Thank you!
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    Wiki Billing ophthalmology

    I was wondering if when billing an office with a procedure, would you also include the modifier 25. Like in billing in the family practice. Please advise me, I'm new to billing ophthalmology. Thanks in advance
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    Wiki 64721 with 64450

    can we code 64721 carpal tunnel release along with 64450, median nerve block injection? we keep getting denials on this. please advise. thanks!
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    Wiki 29846 vs 29847

    Patient has scapholunate ligament tear which is repaired with Kwires through scope. The CPT would be 29847, correct? Dr always gives me 29846 which I thought was only for TFCC tears. Please advise. Thank you,