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    Wiki Is this Case Inpatient or Outpatient?

    A patient is admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath and congestive heart failure. The patient subsequently develops respiratory failure. The patient undergoes intubation with ventilator management. This is just an example of a case that doesn't mention that it is inpatient. This case...
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    Wiki simple radiology

    what is considered simple radiology? I know there is a guidline out there some where
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    Wiki How long is long term?

    Does anyone know if there is a specific amount of time a patient needs to be on medication (specifically contraception) for it to be considered long term use? Is it a year?
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    Wiki Computer generated test (CPT 96103)

    If a psych test is taken on an I-pad, would that be considered a computer generated test?
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    Wiki Acute vs Chronic

    What is the criterion for coding for Chronic Conditions. When is something considered Chronic? Is there a time frame involved? Thanks
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    Wiki No exam done, can E&M be billed???

    If my physician is seeing an established patient and no physical exam is done, can I charge an E&M visit? I have read in a couple places that even though you only have to have 2 of the 3, if an exam is not done, it's not considered a visit. When patient's come back for MRI results, the physician...
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    Wiki New to Billing- need someone to consult with PLEASE

    Hi there, I am recently certified CPC-A as of 12/12/15 but have been working for the same substance abuse treatment center for 4 years. We recently brought in billing to be done in house (myself and my coworker). We bill for Detox, RES, PHP, IOP, OP. We also are beginning to do psychiatric...