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    Wiki CPC-A with 12 years of medical terminology experience

    I have been a veterinary technician for 12 years, I am fluent in medical terminology and have an advanced understanding of surgical procedures, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, hematology, laboratory tests and procedures, parasitology, clinical chemistry, disease processes, etc and am...
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    Wiki Rhode Island Job Hiring - CPC-A

    Lifespan is Hiring! Search available jobs or submit your resume now by visiting this link. Please share with anyone you feel would be a great fit. https://jobs.lifespan.org/search/jobdetails/revenue-compliance-auditor/2ba4d61a-a82f-4c27-b5db-23db5357d9f4?utm_campaign=ss_email
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    Wiki Coding for different insurance types?

    What do beginning CPC medical coders need to know about coding for different insurance types (Medicare, private payer, etc.)? I feel that the CPC course and textbook didn't go over this enough, and I didn't find good resources explaining this online.
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    Wiki Which code book bundle is right for me?

    I'm a beginning CPC coder just finishing Practicode. I know I want to get the e-books this time, but there are so many bundles that it's confusing. Is this the ideal bundle for someone like me? https://www.aapc.com/medical-coding-books/physician-bundle-1/ebook/
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    Wiki Is the CODIFY + EBOOKS bundle worth getting?

    I'm a beginning CPC coder just finishing Practicode. I've been using the hard copy books in combination with the free version of Codify, but I want to buy the e-books for next year. Would a coder like me gain any benefit from Codify that I can't already obtain from the e-books and free resources?
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    Wiki Apprentice Application Turn-Around Time

    I'm not sure exactly where to ask this but when I tried searching first, a lot of threads on this topic were discussed in this particular forum. I recently passed my CPC exam and was able to obtain 2 letters attesting my years of coding and billing experience. AAPC Apprentice Removal Dept. no...
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    Wiki How long until Certificate comes in the mail?

    I passed my exam Monday the 6th of March. I am applying for jobs but I need my certificate number. Can anyone give me a timeline on how long you had to wait to get your certificate in the mail? I'm kind of just sitting on my thumbs here, waiting to get to work somewhere. Thank you in advance.
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    Wiki CPC Coding Jobs in Canada

    Hello - I'm a CPC Certified medical coder with 3 years of experience. In another 6 months, I will be moving to Canada on an open work permit. I was looking for remote medical coding jobs that I could do from Canada. So far, I couldn't find anything like that. I could see a lot of remote...
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    Wiki CPC-A looking for work in Oklahoma/Florida

    Hello, I am looking for work in the Oklahoma City, OK or Sarasota, FL area. I recently obtained my CPC-A and am working on the AAPC Practicode. Attached is my resume, feel free to critique my work. Thank you.
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    Wiki Should I leave my comfortable but monotonous low pay job for something better? What would you do?

    So, I'm a full time risk adjustment medical coder approaching my two-year work anniversary. This is the first job I've been able to keep this long so it feels weird that I'm happily bowing out and not desperate to quit immediately like previous jobs ive held. It's a relatively easy and...
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    Wiki Looking for part-time work/internship!

    Hello! My name is Caroline. I recently became a CPC-A and I'm looking for work. I have 2+ years in the medical industry as a medical records analyst and data miner, while also being in the process of completing the Practicum. If anyone hears of anything, please let me know! It would help me out...
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    Wiki Can a company revoked your membership?

    Hello, i would like to ask when you are under a corporate membership, do they have power to revoke your membership if you don't want to be with them anymore?
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    Wiki Med-legal coding

    Our practice is handling Subsequent Injury Benefits Trust Fund and I'm new at coding Med-legal. The codes are ML200, ML201, ML202, ML203, ML204, ML205 and MLPRR. Can these codes be billed on a CMS HCFA-1500 claim? Is there a certain way to compile the claim along with the cover letter and...
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    Wiki CPC looking for Remote Position

    I have been certified for almost a year, I was working at home as a Claims Adjuster but I am wanting to move onto a coding position. I have 5 years experience with coding and medical claims. I am looking for a remote entry level position, preferably later hours. Attached is my resume.
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    Wiki CIRCC vs CPC first

    Recommendations and/or pros and cons of doing CIRCC before CPC or doing CPC before CIRCC? Thanks in advance for any input and advice. It is much appreciated.
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    Wiki CPC - Resume

    Hi, My name is Tara Garrett, CPC. I'm seeking an entry-level certified professional coder position in the Chattanooga area. Attached are my qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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    Wiki CPC-A with experience as CNA in Danville, IL

    Previously a CNA working for our veterans, I am a CPC-A looking for a remote position. Dedicated and focused, I am studying through Practicode to gain experience and have the apprentice status removed off my certification. I am detailed and very much a team player with business references that...
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    Wiki Breast closure

    My plastics provider planned on inserting a tissue expander but based on the Poor perfusion in the flaps. she only completed an ICG and then closed then closed the flaps . Would the ICG which is normally inclusive be billed and would I also bill for the closure and if so what code? The closure...
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    Wiki A reason for new coders to stay driven!

    This is my most recent post on LinkedIn and I thought it would be a great share. I've received many messages and emails from people here on AAPC, and I want to help you all. I thought this was the easiest way to give some perspective. :) An insider perspective: #Healthcare Positions I have...
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    Wiki Help finding remote work

    Hello, passed my CPC the first time back in September. I am currently working on practicode. I would like any info for any company hiring a remote CPC-A part time/ or per chart basis. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
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    Wiki Looking for coding, or similar, in Oklahoma

    Hello! I received my CPC-A in June of this year. I am eagerly looking forward to starting a new career path. Any opportunities would be greatly appreciated. I am interested in Risk Adjustment coding, and will begin studying for the CRC within the week. LinkedIn Profile
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    Wiki CPC 5 yr experience

    CPC certified, looking for a remote coding opportunity overseas, 5 years experience with ICD 10 and CPT coding. Looking for a position where my coding, technology, and organizational skills can be used to help a company to reach their goals. Willing to relocate: Anywhere Authorized to work in...
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    Wiki CPC seeking an entry level medical coder position in the Miami and/or Fort Lauderdale, FL area

    Hello, My name is William Barney and I recently became a Certified Professional Coder. I am seeking an entry level, full-time position in or near the Miami or Fort Lauderdale, FL area. I am proficient in ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS Level II Coding. I have attached my resume and if you have any...
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    Wiki CPC Remote

    Hi I'm a CPC (Bilingual-Spanish) with 8 years of experience with knowledge in Chiropractic Services, Physical Therapy, EMG's, medical records, data and payment entry, audit and aging reports to address and resolve any coding or billing discrepancies and HIPAA compliance. Motivated and...
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    Wiki CPC Remote

    Hi I'm a CPC (Bilingual-Spanish) with 8 years of experience with knowledge in Chiropractic Services, Physical Therapy, EMG's, medical records, payment entry, audit and aging reports to address and resolve any coding or billing discrepancies and HIPAA compliance. Motivated and detail-oriented...
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    Wiki Help! I failed the my text!

    I need guidance I do not know what to do. I failed my first CPC attemp with a really low %. I have not been in school for about 15 years. I did well on the course but that because I was not pressure by time but the exam is hard and limited time. And as you know is not cheap to retake the text. I...
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    Wiki online CPC glitch

    Frustrated... Have any of you had your internet glitch for literally 2-3 seconds and kick you out of the test? I was 52 of 76 questions into the first test and my proctor video remained connected. They were unable to let me resume it. There was no breach and I never left view of the desk. I...
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    Wiki Seeking employment in the Alexandria, La area. Certified CPC

    Please see attached resume. Looking for employment. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you
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    Wiki Experienced CPC-A looking for FT remote position or on-site position in North Florida

    Hello! My name is Kristen Suggs. I am a certified medical coder with a CPC-A with current coding experience. I am looking to relocate to North Florida and therefore would need to leave my current Coder I position. I would prefer to work remotely, but would definitely consider on-site positions...
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    Wiki I changed my career path...earned my CPC on my first attempt...now looking for a coding opportunity!

    You and I might have something in common. We are both looking for a long term relationship which will benefit each of us. And like many successful relationships, it all starts with a hello. Now, I am not trying to sound pompous but I have many years of experience and skill. But, here’s the...