1. J

    Wiki Coding soft tissue mass

    Hello! I am an outpatient anesthesia coder; we work with a lot of ortho centers, and I see a lot of 'soft tissue mass' diagnosis. Since we only code the anesthesia we don't often get the path report, but I do get the OP report. When the provider documents a 'mass' alone I use an R22 code, when...
  2. H

    Wiki Pressure ulcer stage diagnosis

    **Posted on another thread, but trying to get as much input as possible** We are being told by our medical providers that a pressure ulcer will always be reported at it's initial severity for the duration of the wound, even if consistent care is being performed and wound is healing to a lesser...
  3. K

    Wiki SQICD upgraded to Dual ICD

    I have an encounter for a patient who had a SQICD removed and replaced with a dual ICD. My question is what codes would I use for this? I can't seem to find a code for the removal of the SQICD. Would I just use the 33263 for the upgrade of the ICD? Thanks in advance for any advice or...
  4. N

    Wiki Insert Port a Cath ICD

    Hello, I could use some help with an audit/education dispute. When inserting a port-a-cath (cpt 36561) for chemo, what is the 1st listed dx? Z45.2 (2ndary code cancer) -or- cancer code (ex. C56.--, no Z code). Education: Z45.1- Rationale: see index logic ...Admission for...Fitting...
  5. D

    Wiki ICD C77.1-is "compatible" a billable definition for a Neoplasm ?

    per CT thorax, abd and pelvis results, -Posterior Mediastinal Adenopathy, compatible with metastatic disease. This is somewhat increased from prior CT exam. I will code as C77.1, but other coder do not agree, they say compatible = uncertain, which is not billable. Please advise, thank you
  6. J

    Wiki Risperidone injections in office visit - diagnosis code?

    I'm having trouble coming up with a primary DX for this type of encounter. Would I use ICD Z51.81 for visits where the patient comes in for re-evaluation of Schizophrenia, and the medical provider decides to administer Risperidone? The same provider also addressed anxiety, tobacco use, and upon...
  7. J

    Wiki AAPC 2016 ICD-10 Book Errors

    Hi, I have recently found a typo in the index of the AAPC 2016 ICD-10-CM book: Pain -> Joints -> Finger : This code should be M25.54- Pain -> Joints -> Hand : This code should be M25.54- Does anyone know if there is a complete list of errata / errors for this book?
  8. C

    Wiki Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator Worksheet

    Does anyone have a form their offices use to assist the physician in documenting their ICD decision making for medical necessity? I have a surgeon who is requesting one and it would be very helpful to not have to start from scratch. I appreciate the help! Cindy
  9. K

    Wiki Asthma And allergic Rhinitis

    8 month old boy came for evaluation of asthma and physician dx as moderate persistent asthma what is the appropriate Icd 10 code that can be assigned in this scenario. 1 yr old 8 month old boy came for evaluation of asthma and allergic rhinitis physician dx as moderate persistent asthma, with...
  10. C

    Wiki Sequencing ICD 10 Code Z51.5 Encounter for Palliative Care

    The ICD 10 code Encounter for Palliative Care Z51.5- does this need to be the primary code for the visit? Does this differ for Inpatient and Outpatient Visits?
  11. B

    Wiki Podiatry Billing for Routine Footcare 11721

    I am having trouble with the code 11721 getting paid by Medicare since ICD 10. Has anyone figured out how to get around this? We never had an issue with this code before ICD 10, but now we are getting denials stating that it is not "medically necessary. The dx codes we use are B35.1 as primary...
  12. M

    Wiki CPC-A jobs in Québec canada

    Hi,is there any jobs available for CPc medical coding in Quebec Canada. I have experience in ICD 10cm Hospital ,outpatient and physician charts.
  13. M

    Wiki Employment Wanted

    Am a new coder with outpatient same day surgery and general coding experience. Graduated from Career Step LLC with honors (ICD 9), passed proficiency in ICD 10 ( AAPC). Searching for employment in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa. Relocation to tri state areas possible (NY/NJ/PA). Contact me for...
  14. B

    Wiki Need help ICD-10

    what is the ICD 10 code for cameron ulcer ?
  15. S

    Wiki Newly CPC-A and ICD 10 proficient looking for any internship or work

    New CPC-A and ICD 10 proficiency looking for work/internship in Rochester, NY SINOUN PARINA, CPC-A 45 N Hollow Road, Rochester, NY 14626 (C)585-354-7410 (E)Sinounseng2009@yahoo.com CERTIFICATION Certified Professional Coder Apprentice (CPC-A) Medical Terminology Certificate AFFILIATIONS...
  16. A

    Wiki ICD 10 is such a pain!

    Some codes are not straight forward..like for instance Morbid Obesity. E66.01 is morbid (severe) obesity due to excess calories and E66.2 with alveolar hypoventilation. I can't use either one because I can't make any assumptions. Anyone else having issues with ICD 10? :(
  17. N

    Wiki ICD- 10 Clasrification

    ICD- 10 Clarification Hi Can any one reply the answer for right atrial mass ICD 10 code?
  18. J

    Wiki icd 10 code for IUD check ups

    I'm fairly new to ob/gyn coding. We are billing a 99212 with dx z30431 for a six month check on iud's and AR Medicaid is denying the claims. any help is appreciated.
  19. A

    Wiki COPD and emphysema

    How is COPD with emphysema coded in ICD 9? I was asked this on an assessment test and it is a bit confusing as far as 491.20 is COPD without exacerbation which is COPD with emphysema with chronic bronchitis. To code it separately 496 states not to be used with any code from categories 491-493...
  20. E

    Wiki Chapter 19 as Primary Dx

    Hello, I am new to coding and learning ICD-10 rules. The software program I am using at work is not letting me use anything from Chapter 19 as a primary dx with an outpatient CPT code. The examples in the ICD book make it look as if chapter 19 codes can be used as primary... is it just my...
  21. F

    Wiki Global ob billing for dos spanning from icd to icd 10

    I have private payers (specifically BCBS) denying my global OB billing when the start DOS is during ICD 9 and the delivery date is after ICD 10. First they denied saying that I should use and ICD 9 code (they're using the start date (FEB 2015) as the DOS, which, in my opinion, is incorrect...
  22. N

    Wiki ICD 10 Doubt

    Hi sir I have one doubt in ICD 10 Patient came to the hospital for heel wound , patient had multiple surgery on heel. Final diagnosis documented as surgical Chronic left heel wound- healing with no signs of active infection Please sir, write ICD 10 code this scenerio
  23. G

    Wiki Coding guidelines ICD 10

    Are there any guidelines in the ICD 10 book stating when to use chronic or acute codes?
  24. K

    Wiki z34 and gestational codes

    In the 2015 icd 10 book I have it says that gestational codes go with only Chapter 15 codes. Someone has brought to my attention in the icd 10 2016 book it's says you can have gestational codes with z34 codes? Is this correct. Thank you, April
  25. C

    Wiki Sirs

    How is SIRS coded in ICD 10? Is A41.9 with R65.10?
  26. T

    Wiki Help with Diagnosis

    What would be the best icd 10 code for psychogenic unresponsiveness?
  27. fullyalive05

    Wiki Failed ACL ICD 10

    If a patient has a failed ACL tear of the left knee and ends up having an ACL revision done.... do we use the ICD 10 code S83.512D or T84.410A or both? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
  28. B

    Wiki ICD 10 CM Updates in 2016

    Has anyone seen anything official as to whether or not there will be any updates to ICD 10 CM in October, 2016? All I can find is the CMS notice that updates were frozen until 10/2016. Thanks!
  29. T

    Wiki New To Behavioral Health Billing

    Hi, We have a new Clinical Psychologist starting in a PCP office and I have no idea how they bill. Any tips on what CPT and ICD codes they can use. Would love to communicate offline with an experienced biller that bills for a CP. Thanks.
  30. A

    Wiki History of Hypothyroidism

    can someone help me select the ICD 10 code for this condition...i cant find it anywhere..thanks
  31. O

    Wiki Seeking Medical Coding position - Richmond, VA

    EMPLOYMENT 2007-Present Billing Specialist, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics  Posting of encounters using CDT codes  Appeal Letters to insurance companies  Paper and Electronic billing of Insurance companies  Reviewing and correcting errors due to posting incorrectly and insurance and...
  32. A

    Wiki V53.02 as principle dx.

    Forgive me if this has been asked but I was wondering if this code would be used as a principle diagnosis code when a patient has a routine medical device change due to battery depletion, etc. Is there a CMS reference on this subject and would it cause the claim to pay at a reduced rate. Thanks...
  33. S

    Wiki Break by specialty?

    I wonder if it wouldn't be easier if this thread was broken down even further by specialty or even subject. For example Family Practice, Pediatrics, Surgery, Radiology, etc.... OR E/M codes, ICD 9, CPT etc....Just a thought. So glad this Forum/Message Board is finally available. Michelle Z. CPC