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    Caridovascular Codes - Help

    Please help me! :confused: My cardiovascular coder is out if the office this week and of course a client needs urgent coding for authorizations. Can someone help me with the below descriptions? Again, these are for obtaining authorizations so there is no procedure report. Separate cases: 1...
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    Radiology - "Black Bone" MRI Coding question

    Hello, Child patient in need of a "Black Bone" MRI w/o contrast of the head for metopic craniosynostosis. This is a new machine and we've not coded this before and I can find little to no information. I know the machine is different and images are better than the standard MRI for this...
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    Fracture Care pending MRI

    Sometimes a patient comes in with pain and a fracture is not visualized on the x-ray and they are sent for an MRI. If the MRI comes back with a definitive fracture diagnosis, would you bill the fracture care on the initial visit or when they come back in for their first follow up visit...
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    Needs med to get MRI done

    Pt requests Xanax to have MRI completed. She went twice and got claustrophobic. Dx: Lipoma--pt has huge lipoma on neck. RX for Xanax given. Advised not to drive while taking it. What's the best code for this visit? The reason for the visit is to get medication, not to have the lipoma...
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    Presenting Problem - Headache-suspect status migranious

    If the provider only documents Severe Headache-suspect status migranious,. He is ordering an MRI of the brain and suggesting Tylenol for now, but considering Sumatriptan following the MRI brain would this be considered a Moderate MDM?
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    knee "popped"

    Is this coded chronic or acute? Ex: A patient's knee popped while walking. Now he is in pain. He is coming to our facility for an MRI. Thanks
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    More "A" "D" questions regarding MRI studies

    I need some other opinions on utilizing the 7th character if the patient comes to our facility for an MRI SCAN of a body part do to a previous fracture. Patient was initially seen in the ER and had a CT Scan. Now they need an MRI SCAN. What is the appropriate coding from my standpoint. All...
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    Question Re: Radiology/MRI coding

    I have a situation that is new to me and I was hoping to get guidance. SCENARIO: A steel worker is having an MRI and it is protocol to have an orbit xray PRIOR to the MRI... How should the orbit xray be coded? (CPT & ICD9) I appreciate any help! Thanks!
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    MRI Brachial Plexus

    Does anyone do MRI Brachial Plexus? I am looking for guidance in CPT coding an MRI Brachial Plexus. It seams in my research that it is coded many different ways. (i.e. shoulder, chest, clavicle) What is correct? Thanks