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    Wiki Difference between Independent Clinic (POS 49) vs Office place of service (POS 11)

    Can someone help me in explaining what is the difference between independent clinic (POS 49) and Office ( POS 11) as well as the scope of practice and types of services offered in both?
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    Wiki COSC exam practice?

    Hello I failed the orthopedic exam once and I'm retaking it in a few weeks. Other than the AAPC practice exam , are there any other good resources for practicing / studying ? Thanks!
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    Wiki Post CPMA Exam Practice

    I've passed my CPMA exam and I'm now officially credentialed as a CPMA, however in my current position I am just coding. Is there a resource I can use to get practice at auditing that will increase my experience/knowledge while I look for an auditing position?
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    Wiki Radiology - I am interested in finding

    I am interested in finding out what the norm or best practice is for comparison x-rays.
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    Wiki Advice on transitioning from pediatric coding to remote and/or specialty.

    Currently I work in a very small clinic; one MA, one D.O., and myself. We started from scratch and have grown into a profitable solo practice. I work all the front office duties (secretarial) and back office duties (coding, billing, appeals, authorizations, collections, business research...
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    Wiki Diagnosis Management Points Calculation - Est Problem,New Provider (same practice)

    Please let me know how many diagnosis management points you would assign???????? Scenario: An established patient to a single-specialty practice comes in for a second office visit to be seen for the same illness he was seen for 1 week ago by Dr. Smith. However, this time he is seeing Dr...
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    Wiki Billing for Pathology and Labs HELP...

    Example: New PT comes in to practice with chest pain. Problem list is clean, due to PT being new to the practice. Dr. orders a series of blood tests, but has no diagnosis that meet medical necessity. Can the Dr. wait for Lab results to come in, to then assign a diagnosis that does meet medical...
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    Wiki Credentialing and Proper Billing

    My practice is merging with a larger practice on 03/01/2016. we were told this last week...the incoming practice is saying that our Therapist who will remain for the next few months will still be seeing patients however we must bill under a therapist that is already credentialed to the new...
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    Wiki Audiology Services

    What Audiology Services/Tests can be performed by a Family Practice Physician?
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    Wiki new patient vs. established patient visits after a pratice buy out

    We have a group practice (group A), pain management specialty, wanting to buy out a single Dr practice (practice B), also pain management specialty. The group practice (A) wants to know if they will be able to charge new patient visits on the single Dr practice's (B) established patients after...
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    Wiki AAPC Practice Exam for CIRCC

    Has anyone purchased the CIRCC practice exam available from the AAPC for $70 (for members)? I am very early on trying to learn to code IR and wondering how helpful the practice exam is and if doing it and seeing the correct and incorrect answers will serve as teaching points for me as I train...
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    Wiki Sports Trainer-Therapeutic exercise coding

    We are a PCP practice investigating to hire a Certified Sports Trainer to provide therapeutic exercises to patients. Would a Sports Trainer be able to bill for these services since the practice is not OT/PT?
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    Wiki Modifiers

    I work in a family practice and I often have it where the provider does cryo on a wart, and also an injection for an immunization. Would there need to have -59 or -51? These always confuse me and I'm getting different feedback from everyone. Thanks!
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    Wiki Incdient II billing and Physical therapy

    I have a question regarding Incident II billing with physical therapy visits for Medicare. My current practice will be merging with another group who has their own PT office. Their PTs are not credentialed with Medicare however the practice that owns them is. The physicians want to bill every PT...
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    Wiki Documenting Coding Experience

    I'm a recently certified coder. The practice that I work for has chosen to have me assist in their coding. My question is how should I go about reporting my upcoming work experience to AAPC so that I can have my "apprentice" tag removed? I was thinking I'd just get the head of the practice to...
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    Wiki FT Coder needed for cardiology practice in San Antonio, TX

    Full time medical coder needed for cardiology practice in the medical center. Experience in cardiology is preferred --- Compensation is based on experience Is a work on site position Please fax resumes to 210-253-6717 or email to thank you!!
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    Wiki How to bill when one Provider in practice opts out of Medicare

    I need some advice on how I would bill Medicare for the Nurse Practitioners who still participate in Medicare but the Doctor has opted out of Medicare? And all three are in the same group practice that the Doctor owns. I would appreciate any information I can get...
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    Wiki PLEASE HELP coder of Family Practice trying to code for Plastic Surgery.

    Please help I have a pt. that paid cash and want reimbursed from their ins. I code family practice an our Dr. said we would help her with this. If someone can email me and help me one on one I would greatly appreciate it. Pt. also had a left breast implant rupture and had implant exchange to...
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    Wiki Provider signature rules

    Is a provider required to view and sign patient records received form another provider outside of the practice that was simply sent to us as an FYI and is added to our medical record on the patient? Is there any legal liability in the provider being aware of these external records and/or...
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    Wiki Billing ophthalmology

    I was wondering if when billing an office with a procedure, would you also include the modifier 25. Like in billing in the family practice. Please advise me, I'm new to billing ophthalmology. Thanks in advance
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    Wiki POS 19, new for 2016

    Does anyone have insight on when to use place of service 19? The CMS description states "A portion of an off-campus hospital provider based department...". We are private physician practice and are trying to clarify if POS 19 is for hospital employed physicians only. Any input is greatly...
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    Wiki new vs established patient-organization aquires

    If an organization aquires a practice and all providers remain at the practice but the tax ID # changes. Should all the first visits for their exisisting patients be billed as a new patient visits?
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    Wiki Legal Question regarding a patient

    Hello all, I have a question about an issue that has been nagging in my mind for a few weeks. Any feedback would be appreciated. Note: I know we are not lawyers, and no input will be considered as legal counsel. I just want to know if I have reason to be concerned. I work for a 1 doctor/1...