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    Wiki 99211 on same day as injection and pregnancy test

    Hello coders! Please help clarify so I can settle the dispute with the NP and WHNP in my office. A patient came in and was seen by the CMA for pregnancy test and depo injection. The pregnancy was negative. Can we bill a 99211 with the depo injection and the pregnancy test? Please explain...
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    Wiki Pregnancy Test

    Hello coders! Can anyone confirm if an E/M code is needed when a patient is coming in for a pregnancy test and if so, what code will that be. This will be for commercial and Medicaid payors. Thanks everyone in advance!
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    Wiki UPT Lab Pre-Procedure

    Patient has Glucose or UPT (pregnancy test) prior to procedure in ASC (POS 24)- Can this be billed on either prof or facility claim for procedure?
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    Wiki Nurse Visits 99211 Help

    Hi all, I've been hired as a coder after the clinic I work at updated to a new EMR system, and I've come across issues with coding for nurse visits. We've established that when patients come in for injections/vaccinations, we code for the injections/vaccinations and the correct admin codes...
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    Wiki Accutane urine pregnancy tests

    We see quite a few Accutane acne patients. As anyone who deals with Accutane knows, female patients must take urine pregnancy tests every month. These tests in our office are administered and read by the nurse before the monthly drug counseling and the Prescription is given. Are we able to...