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I would like to get a census about what you do with your old coding manuals. I work in compliance and was wondering if there is any reason we should be keeping coding manuals if we use a coding software that is real time?


I keep several years worth (4-6 years) just for reference purposes. As I have multiple copies, I also donate copies of previous year to a free clinic in my area. They use them for internal statistical reporting, not actual billing, so the previous year is good for them, and they dont have to spend money on them.

I keep my old ones to as there are many work comp carriers that are still paying based on older CPT codes. California work comp is still on 1999 and Colorado is on 2007 so they come in handy to have around.
I keep all my old ones for reference when needed. It's often nice (and needed) to refer back to what "was". Often, denials that come back in the beginning of a new year for end of previous year, nice to know why things are coded :) I have a copy of each year since I started coding 2003. I keep all CPT - ICD - HCPC's and even the coders desk reference.
3 previous years

I keep the 3 previous years' editions as well as current year. Right now I have 2005 thru 2008. When 2009 arrives, I'll toss the 2005 books.

I've found it really helpful in those rare cases of denials that go back a year or more and we're still fighting for payment.

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CPC-E/M