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Hi Folks,
We are having a discussion here at the office regarding pre-natal visits. Our physicians meet with mom, take a medical history and counsel regarding the care that will be given after the baby is born. They also usually do a bp check. What is your opinion: is this a low level consult (There is usually no consult letter sent to the OB/GYN) or would you bill for a low level new patient E&M?
Hope to get some good input- Thanks
It could not be a consult and also raises some other issues. Most times I have seen practices see this as a good will gesture and do not charge. Often times the pediatrician is not credentialed to see anyone over the age of 18 which makes billing of these to insurance companies pretty impossible. If he is only doing a BP then there would be no billable exam which would only leave History and MDM so if the Mom was new it could not be billed because all three key components were not met.... unless the physician is documenting his time counseling the Mom. If you charge you could lose business because most times the Meet and Greet is just good for business. But you could make it a cash service if the physician is not documenting true E/M's.