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My General surgery providers want to know if they perform bowel resection with anastomosis, is it separately billable. One surgeon did the resection, and other surgeon did the anastomosis. Should this be billed as an assisting surgeon, or can it be billed separately? Is there a CPT code for anastomosis only?
Why did they split the procedure? Do they expect to be paid more that way or was there some reason the first surgeon had to leave before completing? I'm not sure how the fee would be split but if they are in the same group, they should have to share the payment. At least if I were making the billing rules, that's how I'd vote!
If 2 surgeons are doing a procedure that is best described by one procedure, you cannot split the billing - it is unbundling.
If they are 2 different specialties, you may want to consider co-surgeons -62, assuming there is a medical reason the surgery was done this way. Otherwise, you will have to decide one of them was the primary surgeon, and one of them assistant.