Cast Complication

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I have doubt regarding cast complication when a patient arrives hospital due to cast discomfort that created pain/ swelling/ in case too tight/loose after 2-3 days of closed reduction of radius fracture, what encounter do we use for the visit- initial or subsequent?
Can we apply the below concept? . please help

For complication codes, active treatment refers to treatment for thecondition described by the code, even though it may be related to an
earlier precipitating problem. For example, code T84.50XA, Infection and inflammatory reaction due to unspecified internal joint prosthesis,
initial encounter, is used when active treatment is provided for the infection, even though the condition relates to the prosthetic device,
implant or graft that was placed at a previous encounter.7th character “A”, initial encounter is used for each encounter where the
patient is receiving active treatment for the condition.

Kindly any one please convey your ideas. Thank you.

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