Diligent worker/student desiring coding work


Lompoc, CA
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After spending 11 years in the retail industry, I became dissatisfied with my ability to turn on autopilot when I walked through the doors to work and my inability to differentiate between one day and the next. I decided to take the next step and invest some time and energy into going back to school. I located a local community college and decided that the Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program was what I was looking for--it required a one year time commitment to complete the program, it sounded challenging enough to keep my mind fully engaged, and it seems to be a field that is not likely to be replaced by automated systems.

I completed the program in May of 2015 and began a position in the Health Information Management department of a local hospital at the end of June. Seven months after my introduction to the department as a Document Imaging Specialist, I was offered a promotion to Discharge Analyst. Over the course of my work, I have learned to use various software programs (Affinity, Sunrise Clinical Manager, QuickChart) to find patients within our system and to locate information requested by outside parties. I now have a strong and practical understanding of what it means to be HIPAA compliant, what to look for in order for a patient's chart to be considered complete, and when to ask for further clarification.

I have enjoyed my foray into the nonclinical side of healthcare immensely and I have decided that I want to advance my knowledge of it. I obtained my CPC-A designation in February of this year and I am currently in pursuit of an Associate's Degree in Health Information Technology.


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