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A client made a payment towards their out of pocket, how do you report this to the insurance company? On the CMS-1500/UB04? Or can I submit a letter to the carrier? I've never had to do this before. I thought the carrier kept track of the OOP, Deductibles & Co-pays (!?) This facility does
things a little different. Any input is appreciated Thank You:)
some software programs allow you to set the parameters to print that information, you may want to check with your software vendor.

Personally, I have never reported it to a carrier. Carriers do keep track of the OOP and deductables but not to the extent of making sure they were paid and really do not have any interest as to whether or not the patient paid you, thats between the provider and the patient.
OMG I knew I wasn't krazy. After 18yrs of reimbursement/ billing/coding experience, I am certain of some things!! (I don't know where these people (my job) get their Ideas from , not me because they are not listening to me) I know it is the insurance respoinsibility to keep track & the patients to make sure it is credited appropriately. I guess it doesn't hurt to report payment to the carrier as a courtesy to the patient/family/client. Thanks SOOOOO much for your response, & reassurance that I'm not that confused. :) ;)
Thank you for your input. Is it OK if I print your response & use it for future refernce?