Wiki Fracture and Dislocation R 4th Carpometacarpal joint


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This was described in the op report as an axial fracture and dislocation of the 4th CMC joint. Op report states an open treatment of the R 4th CMC joint fracture and dislocation with internal fixation was done. I'd appreciate suggestions for CPT code. Thanks.
how about 26685 or 26686? Depending upon if it was complex, multiple or delayed reduction.
26685 and 26686 is for dislocation only. There is a fracture involved here as well. The procedure on the op report reads "Open treatment of right fourth CMC joint fracture and dislocation with internal fixation"
sorry--missread :( So is it the Carpal or the Metacarpal that is fractured? The carpometacarpal is the joint in between that is dislocated, now we need to know specifically what is fractured.