How many work from home vs an office?

Kelly, you seem to be the remote coding queen on here!
Are there any other companies to work for besides the ones on here .. Maxim, The Coding Network, etc ...?
There are many companies that hire remote coders that do not get as much notice on here. When I do my weekly posts of new jobs I always try to include them...
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I work a day job in an office as an Auditor and then in the evenings I work a remote coding job
I work full time in an office, but am looking for an additional part time job working remotely for weekends and evenings.
How many remote?

I work from home and in office. My job is not straight coding though, its a combo if coding, revenue managment, billing, teaching infusion billing to depts hospital wide, lots of variety which I love!

Tamara M. Gentry, RHIT,CPAR,CPC
I find the flexibility to be the best thing for me. I have no set hours but have to audit 500 claims a week. So if my daughter has an appt I can take her and make up time in the evenings.
I already have a full-time job, but I am looking to do remote coding for 10 hours a week...does the company that you work for allow you to work the amounts of hours that you want?
Yes they do. But I know they are not looking to do any hiring at this time. When they do I will post an announcement.
I personally cannot work from home, too close to the fridge and a TV, i get distracted easily.

I have my own office and enjoy working in it!

I finally got a remote job & I start this week!! Woo Hoo Quit the office thing, too many office politics & tired of management forcing productivity over accuracy. Now I am my own boss.
I work in the office but have the option of working from home 1-2 days a payperiod depending upon my meeting schedule.