Wiki "scarf" bunionectomy?


I was thinking 28298 but only because I had heard this referred too before as "Scarf Akin" procedure. But not sure at all.
Now I'm really confused. I have some material that suggests 28296 but then I ran across this.

Some eponym procedures include a combination of techniques that cannot be captured in a single code. One of the most common is a distal soft tissue realignment (28292) combined with proximal first metatarsal osteotomy (28306). Common eponyms: Ludloff, Scarf, Juvara.
According to "A Manual of Orthopedic Terminology, 7th edition" it describes a scarf procedure as: "for hallux valgus; a midshaft osteotomy with a scarp overlapping cut to correct metatarus primus varus." I believe that 28296 would be the appropriate code since the scarf procedure is an osteotomy of the metatarsal.

This site describes the technique for the scarf osteotomy

Hope this helps!
thanks everyone

I really appreciate the thoughts and help that replied to this question. The links were helpful also. You fellow coders are great!