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I wanted to say thank you to the AAPC for adding this forum topic. There is a growing number of licensed professionals working FOR insurance companies. Our insight may prove to be valuable to our friends working on the provider side :)
I will certainly be a frequent flyer on this thread myself! I don't work for the payor side but I do, at times have questions for the payer side...

This should be a very interesting thread :)!
I also do not work on the payers side but am glad this new forum has been added as it give us a chance to understand things from the payers side. Kudos to the AAPC for starting this new thread and i too will be checking it out often. :)
Big thanks to Cindy & Marti

Happy Monday All!

I would like to make sure that 2 very parties that are due a huge Thank You from everyone who is excited about this new forum.

Cindy McGarry in Sioux Falls shared with me at the National Conference in LV serveral weeks ago that she'd had an idea of having a forum for Payers and had submitted it to the AAPC but had never heard back about it. I thought it was an amazing idea as well and I happen to bring up Cindy's idea to Marti (whose last name I sadly can't recall) who was working the booth at confernece where they were taking donations for the AAPC scholarship fund and Marti made a note of it in her folio agreeing that the if we were worthy of a specialty credential we should have a forum as well.

I have to say that it can't possibly a coincident that this forum was recently created and so a big thanks to both of these ladies as well as those at the AAPC who helped implement this new forum group.

I look forward to having an opportunity to seek out my peers here for assistance with all the strange things I see as a Claims Systems Specialist for a TPA payer.

Corinne A. Littleton CPC-A
Claims Systems Specialist II
AmeriBen/IEC Group
Thanks Corinne and AAPC

Wow! Corinne, thanks for the shout out!. And I'm so glad there is a new forum both for those of us who work for payers and those who have questions for us! What I was originally told was that we (those who work for payers) can use all the other threads; I'm glad Marti listened and understood.

And to those who got used to me being on the forums a lot - sorry - with not only national health care reform but our state in its infinite wisdom making a LOT of changes, I've been swamped. I'm committed now to going on the forums at home, now that things have calmed a little bit!
Hi, Lucinda! I, for one, wondered what had happened to your presence on the forum and glad to see you posting again. I had gone into my email and found some of your helpful posts in the pasts and wondered where you had gone.