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what is the correct coding for the zostervax immunization? Our patients are picking up the vaccine at the pharmacy and immediatly coming to the Clinic to have it injected.

90736 is the vaccine code, but I do not see a specific Zoster code for Need for prophalactic inj. for Zoster. Someone suggested using the v01.71 Varicella code. This is not prophylaxis for Varicella. I do not think this is correct but instead think we should use the V04.89. or V05.8. If we use v05.8 do we need to then code 053.9 to specify which Specified Disease we are giving prophylaxis for?

Hope someone has some input .

If pt supplies the serum, we use G0377 with a zero charge, 90471 and V05.4 for dx. We have to give the name of the injection for our ins companies in New Hampshire. If it is another insurer we use 90736, zero chg 90471
and V05.4

I just posted the same type of question before I saw yours. I think the diagnosis code should be V05.4 with the G0377 administration code. we are having a major problem with using the diagnosis code of V04.89 and all claims being sent to Medicare are being denied with that Diagnosis code. We would like to appeal them but I too would appreciate some help with the diagnosis coding.