Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Services

We drive the accuracy and completeness of provider documentation for inpatient facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician practices.

Clinical Documentation Improvement
for a Healthier Revenue Cycle

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is a strategic imperative that can protect your organization from negative cash flow. Our CDI specialists will fortify your CDI program and ensure your healthcare organization is equipped to:

  • Improve coding accuracy
  • Lower claim denial rate
  • Identify missed charges
  • Increase DRG accuracy rate and revenue integrity
  • Identify potentially overlooked CC/MCCs
  • Improve Case Mix Index
  • Identify missed query opportunities
  • Validate compliance of queries and query responses
  • Streamline coding and boost staff efficiency
  • Enhance the patient's clinical picture
  • Safeguard against clinical liabilities
  • Improve patient care and clinical outcomes

Augment Your CDI Program
With CDI Audit Services

Improve healthcare data and reimbursement with AAPC Services' retrospective clinical documentation reviews.

  • Inpatient CDI Support

    Our inpatient CDI team will focus on increasing DRG accuracy rates, analyzing each record to ensure the DRG assignment is correct, including CCs or MCCs. In addition to ensuring the MS-DRG/APR DRG has the highest yet most appropriate value, our CDI specialists will assess potential documentation opportunities in areas such as:

    • Claim denial rates
    • Patient population
    • SOI
    • ROM
  • Outpatient CDI Support

    We can help your organization with claim denials, as well as meeting health plan requirements, particularly in terms of risk adjustment documentation and reporting best practices. Our outpatient CDI team can help you earn better reimbursement and incentive pay by:

    • Ensuring diagnoses are supported and reported at the highest level of specificity
    • Verifying optimal coding of the patient encounter, as reflected in documentation
    • Identifying opportunities for specificity in physician documentation
    • Capturing HCCs and improving risk adjustment scores

What Sets Our CDI Services Apart?

CDI audit services help inpatient facilities, outpatient clinics, and physician practices to excel in data-driven, value-based reimbursement models. With a reputation for delivering transformative documentation analysis and reporting, our CDI audit services:

  • Close the gap between clinical documentation and revenue integrity, reducing federal and payer audit risks.
  • Are administered by professionals with frontline experience with your patient population, medical specialty, and place of service.
  • Maximize coding accuracy, as well as quality scores and reimbursement, through comprehensive documentation that supports medical necessity for services and procedures.
  • Enhance care plan coordination and communication through improved provider documentation.

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