Our Certification Exams are Optimized for You!

At AAPC, our exams are updated annually to reflect code and guideline changes, but they also undergo continuous scrutiny to ensure they do what they're supposed to do — accurately assess mastery of the skills represented by their respective credentials.

You can trust your exam results and have confidence that your certification reflects the required expertise. You can trust the industry, your peers, and your potential employers to recognize the standard of excellence met to attain your credentials.

What’s New in 2022?

With our regular review process, we're unveiling some exciting developments that have been years in the making. Our exams now serve you better while still being rigorous and world-class.

Electronic Exams

All AAPC certification exams are now available in an electronic format. This innovative development allows you to test at a time and in a location convenient for you — all without compromising the security of the exam.

Shortened Exams

As you know, exams have historically consisted of 150 questions administered in 5 hours and 40 minutes*. In January 2022, AAPC certification exams were modified to a 100 question, 4 hour format.

*The unique number of questions on CPB, CIC, and CPPM exams has been reduced to the same degree as 150-question exams.

Behind the Scenes of the Electronic Exams

Electronic exams allow for increased flexibility in testing for and receiving your certification. You can test at a time and in a location convenient to you without compromising the security of the exam.

The electronic exam format is optimized for the test-taker experience. Strategically designed, examinees only view a select number of questions at a time to allow for better focus and concentration. Additionally, you can highlight information in the cases which are placed next to the question so that both can be viewed at the same time increasing accessibility of and visibility of relevant information. Feeling stuck? Easily flag a question to return later on to review and answer. Examinees can navigate between sections and questions of the exam in a convenient click rather than turning pages at a time. Keep an eye on the time with the digital timer constantly displayed as you move through the exam.

What’s stayed the same?

  • The rigorous content.
  • The validity and reliability of the exam.
  • The constant review and validation of the exam content.
  • The time allowed and the number of questions for each exam.

AAPC is pleased to announce the strategic partnerships that make electronic exams possible. Creating a symbiotic team between AAPC and these partners allows AAPC to provide exam testing in a convenient but secure manner.

Meazure Learning

Meazure Learning

Meazure Learning provides an easy-to-use platform to schedule exams. Their network of global testing centers will also provide access for members to take electronic exams in a secure location in the future.



Examity provides live remote proctoring to allow members to take electronic exams in the comfort of their own homes.

Behind the Scenes of the Shortened Exams

The decision to optimize our certification exams came about when our review process revealed an opportunity to reduce the number of questions and duration of the exams. This insight was then tested extensively to ensure a shorter format would retain the same level of rigorous content to unequivocally assess and endorse the required proficiencies.

Psychometric analysis — which is a way to evaluate the design and interpretation of tests — was conducted by an independent third-party psychometrician. This analysis confirmed that shorter exams offer good reliability and content validity.

Content Validity refers to measuring the right competencies, and scores indicate the measure of those competencies. Reliability refers to test scores that are consistent over repeated applications, free of random errors among a group of people, and therefore reliable for individual test takers.

"All consumers of AAPC exam scores can have confidence in the pass/fail classifications made using the AAPC exams." — Psychometrician Alan Mead, Ph.D.

Coupled with additional empirical data supporting the validity and reliability of the optimized format, we are now able to offer you certification exams that are equally rigorous and an hour and 40 minutes less taxing.

Interested in learning more? Download the white paper Certification Exam Validity and Time Optimization for a closer look at the scientific methodology behind this development.

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