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Diagnose and Prioritize Your Areas of Weakness

You didn’t get the practice exam results you hoped for and now you feel like someone took the wind out of your sails.

Trust us - - we’ve all been there and now it’s time for us to help you get back on the horse.

We know that’s easier said than done. But after 30 years of certifying more medical coding, billing and auditing students than anyone else, AAPC has developed a three-step action plan that thousands of our students have used with great success.

Review your areas of academic weakness

Studying and preparing for your exam after doing a practice test gives you the benefit of knowing the areas where you had the most difficulty, which allows you to focus your efforts on your weaknesses.

AAPC practice tests help you accurately pinpoint where you need to make the most improvements, and then focus your studying on those areas. This will help you prioritize the topics you need to improve the most in, and thus, can get you the biggest increases in score.

To identify your areas of weakness, take the AAPC Practice Exams and review your exam results, detailing the areas that need your focus. AAPC provides specific coursework for each section of the exam - - which can be accessed whether you trained with AAPC or not.

Identify other areas of weakness

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the more popular issues that many students report facing on exam day. Just as there are areas of academic weakness, these issues must be acknowledged and overcome for a successful exam retake:

  1. Poor time management

  2. Poor organizational skills

  3. Procrastination

  4. Stress and anxiety

  5. Becoming easily frustrated

Don't give up

Failing a practice exam can feel like a gut punch. You’ve spend loads of time and money and come way too far to end your journey to certification.

Refocus and reorganize your efforts. If you still need help, contact an AAPC Career Counselor, get support from past students in our Facebook group or get advice from seasoned professionals in your local chapter.

Need more help preparing for the exam?