Other Procedures on the Pelvis or Hip Joint CPT® Code range 27299- 27299

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Surgical Procedures on the Pelvis and Hip Joint 27299-27299 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 27299- 27299
Other Procedures on the Pelvis or Hip Joint
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I need some help with this one. Unsure if I am to use 27299? [ATTACH type="full"]5758[/ATTACH] [ATTACH type="full"]5759[/ATTACH]... [ Read More ]
Thank you for the note. Adding modifier-22 to 55866 would be good or coding the unlisted CPT code 27299 and bench mark it to 27070 would also seem appropriate.... [ Read More ]
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After much research and racking my brains out, I have been directed to code the open abductor hip repair as an unlisted code 27299. I am having trouble with this code being reimbursed by Medicare. I... [ Read More ]
I have this scenario currently and I think I'm going to use the 27299 because per the ncci manual the 20670 & 20680 aren't separately reportable if the removal is performed as a necessary component of... [ Read More ]
Unlisted 27299 OR 27599? If so, would the comparison code be 27447 or 27130? Pt has a history of Right Total hip , I&D due to infection and then revision of the femoral stem. According the the xrays... [ Read More ]
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[B]According to Karen Zupko & Associates, the proper way to code this scenario is unlisted 27299. See her advice below. I am coding a case like this today and will use 27299. Use your own best discret... [ Read More ]
[QUOTE="crissymoses, post: 195914, member: 68814"] [B]IT Band Repair[/B] I just sent a note to The Coding Network who said that this should be an unlisted code: 27299 IT band repair/reconstruction an... [ Read More ]