Presumptive Drug Class Screening Procedures CPT® Code range 80305- 80307

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Drug Assay Procedures 80305-80307 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 80305- 80307
Section 80305-80307
Presumptive Drug Class Screening Procedures
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January 01, 1970
Hello, I work for a pain management group that has 6 locations. Unfortunately these location are right on the border of two states. All drug screens (80307) are sent to one location for the test to ... [ Read More ]
When billing for Florida Workers Comp: Those Workers comp that strictly follow the Florida Workers Comp Fee Schedule keep stating that 80305 / 80307/ G0401 - G0403 Will deny as not on the Florida Work... [ Read More ]
Hello! I am a pain management coder and have a question about presumptive drug screening. We collect urine samples from our patients for drug screening/monitoring and then we send them to a local lab ... [ Read More ]
Getting the denial CO-151 (Payment adjusted because the payer deems the information submitted does not support this many/ frequency of services). We run the 80305 dipstick test once a month for patie... [ Read More ]
I am reviewing the codes for presumptive and definitive drug testing. The CPT intro to the codes for drug assay, 80305-80307 and 80320-80377 says, "The material for drug class procedures may be any s... [ Read More ]
For Indiana Medicare we have been told that we can't bill 80305 and G0480- G0483 together on a claim in the same day? Is there a modifier that needs to be in place or did they possibly process this in... [ Read More ]
[b]90 modifier[/b] 80307 describes a method of presumptive drug screening that will not meet the requirements of a CLIA Waived procedure/device- so no "QW" modifier. Double check your CLIA# on the c... [ Read More ]
Or do you mean that 80307 doesn't need to be billed that 80305 needs to be billed?... [ Read More ]
It is ClIA Certified so technically 80307 wouldn't need a modifier then just the 80305?... [ Read More ]
[QUOTE="Kelsey07, post: 442220, member: 496425"]If a G0480- G0482 is billed with a 80307 then would mod 91 then need to be added? And if 80307 is billed with an office visit then what modifier needs t... [ Read More ]