Procedural Data with RVUs - CPT® Modifier Crosswalk Add-on

The add-on CPT®-Modifier Crosswalk allows users to crosswalk the proper modifiers to procedural codes to assure all the accurate parameters are reported. This helps speed reimbursement and prevent payer review.


  • Easily added to existing data
  • Perfect for relative value tables
  • Ideal for EHRs and claim scrubbers
  • Valuable in care, billing, or payment settings


  • Three formats
  • Includes Readme file
  • Includes current CPT® code and official short descriptors
  • Includes current modifier and description
  • Modifiers crosswalked to CPT® codes


The CPT®-Modifier Crosswalk data file provides corresponding modifiers for current CPT® codes and can be added on to other AAPC ASCII files. It comes in three formats: fixed format .txt, pipe-delimited .txt, and Excel-ready .xls. Ideal for EHRs, claim scrubbers, auditing, and adjudication, this data will help add certainty to an uncertain activity.

CPT® copyright 2018 American Medical Association. All Rights Reserved.

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