HCPCS Code Information ASCII

AAPC’s HCPCS Code ASCII file includes the most current HCPCS Level II codes and additional information such as long and short descriptions, payment identifier codes, coverage, ASC payment group, BETOS, and history dates in three formats. Ideal for reporting, tracking or paying claims for services and supplies. This is an excellent data file for providers, facilities, ASCs, DMEs, and payers. Available in three formats.


  • Includes current, complete information for a variety of healthcare venues
  • Information rich data can be used for EHR, encoder, auditor, or claim scrubbers
  • Easy-to understand readme files identify fields


  • Current HCPCS Level II codes and long and short descriptions
  • Payment identifier codes
  • Coverage codes
  • ASC payment group code
  • BETOs data
  • History information:
    • Code added date
    • Effective date
    • Termination date
  • Code status indicator


This complete data file includes HCPCS level II codes with long and short descriptors, payment information, and code histories. Available in three formats for easy installation and manipulation: .txt fixed field, .txt pipe-delimited, and .xls compatible.

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