OPPS NCCI Data Files

Correct Coding Initiative tables unique to the Outpatient Prospective Payment System are essential to accurately reporting facility outpatient procedures. This easy-to-add, easy-to-manipulate file, updated quarterly, helps you report and be paid accurately.


  • Promote compliant NCCI coding of healthcare services rendered in the outpatient facility
  • Decrease denials from incorrectly coded outpatient claims by letting your reimbursement professional follow the rules based on these edits
  • Prevent improper payments when your outpatient claim bills more than one service on the same date of service for the same beneficiary
  • Access the essential compliance data incorporated in almost all payers’ coverage policies


  • A single searchable file of the NCCI policy manual included with your data files saves staff time hunting for applicable changes through the numerous sections of CMS’s online-only manual
  • Automated procedure-to-procedure pairs and procedure-to-units of service pairs identify improper outpatient hospital coding scenarios
  • Developed to save staff time from incorporating raw or delayed data by providing the data in database-friendly formats: Pipe delimited and xls
  • Designed for your existing coding/billing systems or third party software to directly import and utilize this data from a single source without any installs
  • Access this file as early as possible the month prior to the effective date (Dec - Q1, March - Q2, June - Q3, Sept - Q4) to allow maximum time for educating staff on changes and incorporating edits on the backend


AAPC’s OPPS NCCI Data Files include the latest quarterly releases of the Outpatient Prospective Payment System OPPS NCCI edits. These are essential to reporting outpatient services in a facility or ambulatory surgical center.

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