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    Wiki When billing codes 33249 and 93461-26?

    I am new to cardiology coding and need some help. Our doctors do the coding and I billed 33249 and 93641-26 together to Medicare and they responded with non covered for medical necessity. I am not sure if a 59 modifier should also be placed on the 93641-26 or what to do from here. Any...
  2. M

    Wiki Uncontrolled Diabetes

    Does anyone know the appropriate code to use for Uncontrolled Diabetes? Much appreciated!!!
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    Wiki Coding for Radiofrequency Ablation - needing some assistance

    needing some assistance where to locate information on the above codes (36475 36476 36478 36479) our physician will soon be performing this. is there a tutorial or maybe an article you can refer me to? any suggestion is appreciated.
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    Wiki ESSURE modifer - IN SC we have recently

    IN SC we have recently had our ESSURE claims being denied for lack of modifier on the A4264 portion. We have tried mod 50 but that did not work. Is 33 the appropriate modifier? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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    Wiki Icr

    I Need some input on billing for ICR (Intensive Cardiac Rehab). I am aware of G0422 and G0423 for the physician but is there a facility code that can be used for the facility fee? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Wiki AV fistula

    Hello fellow coders, The following had me stumped for the last few days. AV fistula with R hand Ischemia? any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Wiki Informed Consent For Injections

    Does anyone know if it's required to get a signed consent by the patient, for steroid injections performed in an orthopaedic practice? Our office does a lot of Visco and cortisone injections and the doctors feel as though this is part of normal ortho care and if they get a verbal consent and...
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    Wiki Home Visits performed by NP

    We are looking at performing in-home assessments by a NP for our ACA-Exchange members and MAPD members. They will perform a detailed exam, Comprehensive History, and Straightforward or low medical decison making. We are struggling on what CPT/HCPCs could be used for each product line, that is...
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    Wiki Lower anterior resection with colostomy closure

    What would be the cpt code for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Donna
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    Wiki drug codes

    Does anyone bill for drugs visipaque 270 or Isovue 250 if so what hcpcs code would you use and how would I find out reimbursements. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
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    Wiki Care Plan Oversight Services 99374 - 99380

    Does anyone know if any type of specialist like Podiatrist can bill the CPO codes? One of our Podiatrist seems to think he should be able to, but I can not find any thing that specifically states yes or no. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Wiki Advice about publications

    I am newly credentialed and am wondering what recommendations there are as to what publications a medical biller/coder should keep handy and or review to gain or review knowledge about guidelines, regulations etc. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I want to be as knowledgeable as...
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    Wiki Shave bx

    We do quite a few shave biopsies on Medicare people in our clinic. The LCD only covers benign lesions, so what should be done when the path comes back as malignant? Any help is appreciated!!
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    Wiki Radiopharm Reimbursement

    We have just started having problems getting our Radiopharm's paid, even with Invoice. They've all gone to Q2 level and are now denying. They (Medicare) will not tell us why, specifically. We've done everything they've asked. Is anyone else having this problem? Any input would be greatly...
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    Wiki CPC Advice Needed In San Diego, CA

    Hi All! I've been doing billing and management for 9 years now and I have really put off getting my CPC, well I told myself that I would and that is my goal this year. Any advice on where to start would be really appreciated. I've read the info on the AAPC website and it's helpful, but I would...
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    Wiki Family History - they can't document

    My provider keeps documenting non-contributory under family history, so does anyone have any reference material that clearly explains how they can't document this way? I can't seem to find anything, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  17. O

    Wiki CIC Exam Prep help!! :)

    So I am taking my CIC certification exam Wednesday and am so worried about passing. Anyone take this exam and pass fairly easliy. Any helpful hints, tips, etc..... I need as much help as possible I'm sure!! All advice is appreciated. Thank you
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    Wiki Supply Coding

    Hello, I'm very new to this list as I just found it today. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there with experience in coding for supplies. I'm looking for information on how to code for Synvisc. I've come up w/ a few answers and am not sure which Medicare will allow. Any help is...
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    Wiki Billing Private fees

    We are trying to make a case to always bill our private fee schedule. Many of our doctors don't want to see adjustments. Any info you have would be appreciated.