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    Question Commercial and Medicaid Maternity Billing

    Hello, We often have patients that have commercial insurance with Medicaid primary for all of their maternity care. If the patient meets the requirements for a global delivery we will bill the global delivery but in this case the patient doesn't have maternity coverage with her commercial...
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    Coding Neuroendocrine Tumor

    Neuroendocrine tumors are a rare type of tumor composed of cells that produce and secrete regulatory hormones. Tumors comprised of these cells are consequently capable of producing hormonal syndromes (e.g., carcinoid syndrome), in which the normal hormonal balance required to support body system...
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    Dental Claim to Medical Carrier-codes??

    Hello, Can anyone help me translate how the following dental codes would be coded for medical? The dental carrier wants it to go to medical first. d7240- removal impacted tooth 32 d7240- removal impacted tooth 32 d7241- removal full bony impaction, difficult d9239 intravenous moderate...
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    Coding P55.0 and P55.1

    What is considered clear documentation for coding ABO and Rh incompatibility? Does the MD have to give the blood types and/or state Coombs positive or negative test results? If the result is negative do I still code the finding?
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    Varicose Vein education????

    Hello all, I am curious to see if y'all know of any education courses/books/ANYTHING that could help me with varicose vein coding? I can't find any specialty courses or anything that have to do with lower extremity varicose vein management coding. PLEASE ANY ADVICE IS HELPFUL!!! Thanks in...
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    CPC with coding/revenue cycling experience looking for remote position

    HELEN SUMNER, CPC 68 Raisin Lane | Hazard, KY 41701 | 606-854-5526 or 606-487-1213 | OBJECTIVE Self-motivated, self-sufficient, fast learning Certified professional coder with a passion for medical coding seeking a remote position. EDUCATION Associate of Applied...
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    Coding for new medical related cell phone apps

    Are there any codes relating to medical apps for cell phones such as Abilify Mycite, Propeller, Thrive, reSet? The apps are intended to assist with patient adherence to treatment plans, In the case of reSet, physicians can send messages to patients regarding appointment reminders etc. Any...
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    Mammogram Diagnosis Codes

    Mammogram script returned for incorrect diagnosis code of Z12.31 on a 74 year old patient. Stated the DX code was not appropriate for age? Does anyone know what Diagnosis to use?
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    URGENT: Orthopedic Coder Needed

    In urgent need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY and E/M coding. DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
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    URGENT: Podiatry Coder Needed

    Aviacode is in URGENT need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in PODIATRY coding (part-time). DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
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    URGENT: Ophthalmology Coder Needed

    Hi AAPC Ophthalmology Coders - Aviacode is in URGENT need of IP/OP remote multi-specialty pro-fee coder that is an expert in OPHTHALMOLOGY coding (part-time). DOMESTIC coders only. Please see details of project and how to log your experience HERE:
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    Oral biospy cpt code

    Hi, I am new to Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. I gave codes for the vestibule of the mouth and was told it is not the vestibule of mouth it's an oral biopsy Right retromolar area excision. So I found CPT 41826, Under Excision and Destruction Procedures on the Dentoalveolar Structures under...
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    All Chronic Conditions Master List

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please share a master list of all existing chronic conditions ICD-10 codes in CSV or excel format, or share a source from where I can download this info. I greatly appropriate your all help and time. Kind Regards, Muhammad Imran
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    Icd 10 to cpt cross walk

    What is the best tool to cross a codes CPT's by ICD 10? For example, If I would like to see what procedures can be performed for a condition such as (A63.0)? What is the best tool out there which everyone uses? I appreciate your help.
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    CPC-A, Experienced HDS, Seeking Coding Positions Remotely or in Michigan

    I am a dedicated CPC-A seeking a fitting position in this field to utilize my meticulous detail-oriented skills, over 4 years of healthcare documentation experience, and extensive knowledge of medical coding. Please see the attached resume for further details. Thank you!
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    Cpc_a resume for remote coding position

    Courtney Beth Gainey (Burk) CPC-A 1400 Margina Ave Daytona Beach, FL 32114 Phone: (678)654-7644 E-mail: PROFILE: Highly capable and detail-oriented professional seeking a Medical Coding position to utilize and enhance industry knowledge and coding education...
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    Need advice-Stay at home mom with previous 10+ yrs Coding experience cannot find work

    I would like advice on what to do in order to get back into medical coding. I have 10+ years of coding experience. I have been a stay at home mom due to my husband receiving military orders overseas from 2012-2015. I last coded in 2012 and since I do not have current ICD-10 experience, I cannot...
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    Multiple Units of One Code??

    I'm trying to code for gouty tophi excisions done on multiple fingers and can't figure out how to do this... The code I found to use is 26160 (if you have a better one for gouty tophi then by all means correct me). The doctor performed the excisions on the left index, middle, and ring fingers...
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    X-ray billing help!

    I'm new to an ASC facility and when it comes to x-rays (almost always performed along with a surgery), I am told that we code professionally with -26 modifier but don't bill at all for the facility side. It was explained to me that x-rays are included in the global surgery package for...
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    ROS Confusion

    Can a Review of Systems be counted as complete if it appears as the following on a note: Review of Systems Below systems reviewed with the patient's wife, all are negative except as noted above General ROS Allergy and Immunology ROS Hematological and Lymphatic ROS Endocrine ROS Respiratory ROS...
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    Biller/Coder w/ ASC/SDS Expertise - Looking For FT Work (Remote or NW Houston, TX)

    Hello, I am a certified Medical Biller and Coder with expertise in multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgery Centers/Same Day Surgery looking for full time work either remotely or in Northwest Houston, TX. Willing to do Billing, Coding, or Both. Attached is my resume for your review.
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    Epic Cupid procedure log

    Is anyone else experiencing the pain of Epic cupid cath reports? Has anyone seen this work well yet? Our MDs can only get a good report if they do a lot of cut and past or free text. The procedure logs are just not cutting it. I would love to hear some opinions and what you are doing to get...
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    Skelentonized lima/rima cabg

    Hello All! I wanted to know if anyone else has had to code or has seen skelentonized LIMA/RIMA for CABG with their providers? I'm under the impression this is a technique on the LIMA/RIMA, but I wanted to verify if there was any additional coding for this? Maybe T codes? I can't seem to find...
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    Hands on learner, looking for help.

    Good afternoon everyone, I recently graduated from Penn Foster Medical Billing and Coding program and was wondering if their is any hands resources available. I want to start practicing to get certified, but I am more of a hands on learner when it comes to things. I currently work as an...
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    Foley just to allow wound healing

    Our Director of Nursing has placed a Foley cath so a patient can stay in bed while a pressure ulcer heals. I've coded the foley and the pressure ulcer, but she also wants a code to show that the foley is for wound healing. I'm coming up empty...I don't think it exists. Anyone else have the...
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    CPT and Dx Coding for Medical Marijuana/Cannabis

    I work for a Hem/Med Onc in Florida who wants to start seeing and prescribing medical cannabis to qualified cancer patients. I have seen several other posts on the matter and they have helped answer some of my questions regarding the coding for these encounters. However, it got me thinking about...
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    Medicare Denials - Infusion Coding Guidelines

    Recently, Medicare has denied some infusion, injection, and hydration charges on our observation claims due to not having an initial service billed for each date of service on the claim. Our HIM Dept is stumped because we have always followed the coding guidelines that only 1 initial service...
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    Does Practicode count as an internship?

    I've seen a few LinkedIn users that posted "AAPC Practicode Online Internship" in their work history. Is this correct? Can I add Practicode to my work history, or should I just post it as a test score? I know it shows some experience, so I'm trying to figure out how to best show that to...
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    Drug Screen Billing

    Was wondering if we have pts sign a Drug Screen Attestation are we allowed to bill them Medicare Rates when their insurance denies as excessive.
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    Drug Assay Coding - Your assistance please

    Hello all, I have a new client who has been billing the following for Presumptive Drug Class Screening (urine). The Laboratory Requisition indicates Drug Screen and Full Confirmation for a Comprehensive Test Panel. 80307 - Drug tests, presumptive, any number of drug instrument...
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    Coding for non face to face

    I am coding for a physician who has met with the parents of an older autistic child. The child could not make the appointment. The Dr. discusses the patient's care with the parents and fills out FMLA paperwork. Does anybody know if this encounter is billable and if so, what ICD 10 and E/M codes...
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    Coding Wheezing and Shortness of Breath

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting a questions here.... I am auditing a medical denial for our laboratory claim and Medicare is asking for a supportive diagnosis code. Wheezing was already coded but unfortunately that doesn't cover the tests being denied. So within the report...
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    Right Middle Meningeal Artery Angiogram

    Hi, My name is Labiba and one of the physicians in my department performed angiographies for the following vessels: internal carotid, external carotid, and right meningeal. The codes that were billed were 36224 for the internal carotid, 36227 for the external carotid, and 36228 for the right...
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    New Patient Visits

    I am a biller with a group in Tennessee, currently we have a system when a midlevel (NP) goes in and takes and documents the new pt encounter visit, goes out presents the case to the MD. He then goes in and finalizes the encounter and the plan w/ the new pt and we bill "incident-to" new pt visit...
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    Career opportunities I can branch out to with medical coding

    Hello everyone, Out of curiosity, what are other career options I can branch out to with experience in medical coding? I know auditing, compliance, teaching & management are options but are there any other ones I don't know about?
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    I want to apprentice under hospital coder

    Hi! I live in Orange County, CA. I've really been wanting to become a stronger coder and I would love to sit and learn from a hospital coder. I'd love to work for a hospital but they require so many years under the belt. I'm willing to pick up the workload for free in exchange for an extended...
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    Prolonged Services

    Hello I have a patient who after his E/M visit was admitted to hospital by Dr. but stayed in office for 4 hours under supervision until an open room was available at hospital. Would I use prolonged visit codes? Or not include at all. Any advise would be helpful. thank you
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    Looking for opinions on capsule reading and billing global

    Good Afternoon All, If a provider is buying the capsule cams, has the download center equipment and is paying someone to read their capsule but then reading it themselves and signing the note that the provider read the test; would this be allowed in order to bill globally? I was told if the...
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    Yearly physical done by one provider and Pelvic and Pap done by another on same day

    Hello, I have a question. If a provider is doing a yearly CPE and during the CPE calls in another provider within the group to do the Pelvic and Pap because the patient required a female provider to do so, can we bill the provider who did the CPE for the year physical and the other provider just...
  40. S

    Billing Medicaid first for medical or billing Medicaid Amerihealth first

    I'm new to billing and coding. When patient has both, which one do we bill first for a medical Dx, medicaid Avesis or Medicaid AmeriHealth? :p
  41. J

    CPC looking to code from home

    Dear Sir or Madam: Based on the criteria you listed, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the position of Coder. Please accept the enclosed resume as my application for the position. I am a recent graduate from AAPC distant learning for coding and an experienced National Certified Medical...
  42. L


    I work for a small 150 bed community hospital. Our billing office contacted me today about a VA denial we received. We use the 3M encoder and it is setup to group following Medicare guidelines. My biller said the VA follows Medicare guidelines, BUT they are "behind" on being up to date with...
  43. H

    CPC with 1+ year of experience, multi-specialty, midwestern Illinois

    Completed credentialed AAPC Medical Billing and Coding Program in July 2017. Earned CPC in June 2017. Willing to travel initially if there is a possibility of position becoming remote. Otherwise looking for a position located in midwestern Illinois, southeastern Iowa, or northeastern...
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    Help Needed: Project and Research Question-Correct an Edit

    Hi everyone, I am stumpt on this preoject/research question below, any assistance would be so greatly helpful :) Thanks so much, Brittany- CPT code 77003 is present under revenue code 320. CPT code 64490 is present under revenue code 360. An NCCI edit is present on code 77003 and reads...
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    Emergency department coding

    Having difficulty finding experienced Emergency Department coders with their certification, (CPC or CCS-P) who are familiar with all aspects; i.e. technical/professional E/M, procedural and drug administrations (infusion/hydration). If anyone has a solution, please share!
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    Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency Lesioning Coding Suggestions

    A provider performed a Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency Lesioning with Fluoroscopy. Medicare is denying the first two lines listed below as duplicate. Is this the appropriate way to code this procedure? Provider places the need in the joints then burns the needle. Any suggestions/thoughts...
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    Coding help for: TrueTears Optic Neurostimulator and Coolsculpting fat freeze

    Would sincerely appreciate coding assistance with the following technologies: TrueTear handheld optic neurostimulator device just approved by FDA for patient home use to stimulate tear production. Rechargeable base with disposable tips that are placed intranasal for nerve stimulation. How to...
  48. J

    Modifier 25 with X-rays? AAPC practice exam says it is required?

    Maybe I am missing something... I am trying to clarify the issue. I was taking the AAPC module that I purchased: Specialty Practice Exam COSC™ And on Case 20 it goes over a basic office visit for knee pain. All that is done is an e/m and an x-ray, 73562. Question three asks if a modifier...
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    Billing 64405 DX M5481 to BCBS Denied

    We bill 64405 (greater occiptal nerve block) with DX M5481 (occiptal neuralgia) to Blue Cross, they deny stating non-covered. When patient contacts BCBS, they advise patient, denial is due to the diagnosis we are billing. However, M5481 occiptial neuralgia is the reason for the occipital nerve...
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    Help me choose my frist coding job.

    Hello, first I thought I should tell you all my experience, then what the jobs are and what they offer, then the problems I see with each. This would be my first coding job and I just really want it work out well. So first I want to say, everything I know about coding I taught myself. So I feel...