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    Wiki Railroad Medicare and coding for annuals

    Good Morning all, When billing for a Railroad medicare Patient's Annual(the wellness visit) do they want us to submit with the G'codes or the regular 99 codes??? TIA Deenise1221:confused:
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    Wiki PEG Tube Removal During EGD

    After searching the AAPC forums, I still have uncertainties about the answer to my question(s). My question(s): Can a separate charge be billed when a PEG tube is removed during an endoscopic (EGD)procedure? If yes, how would you code for this charge? Thank you so much!
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    Wiki Observation Codes - Medicaid

    Hello, I am hoping I can get some feedback regarding the coding and billing of Hospital Observation codes for Medicaid patients. According to the HFS Handbook for Practitioners (Observation Section A-220.4) - - "Payment will not be allowed for...
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    Wiki Help! The VA is a nightmare

    Since Healthnet has taken over in North Carolina, there is no reasoning to which modifer they want and when. Does anyone have any guidance on what Healthnet is seeking when dealing with VA claims specific to physical therapy and chiropractic? Thanks all!
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    Wiki Expert E/M Coders Needed (REMOTE)

    Contract E/M CODER - Aviacode is looking for 3-4 expert PRIMARY CARE E/M coders that can work a minimum of 15+ hours a week. This is for a long-term remote coding position, with the opportunity to move to a FTE or supervisory position.. Reports to: Coding Supervisor/Manager Employment Status...
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    Wiki Excision of Cepahlic Vein Aneurysm

    We are trying to get pre auth for the EXCISION OF CEPHALIC VEIN ANEURYSM VIA LIGATION. I am unable to find a code for this and was trying to avoid using 37799 UNLISTED PROCEDURE, VASCULAR SURGERY. Has anyone performed this surgery or have any input as to what codes should be used? Thank you, Donna
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    Wiki CPC-A : Jump Start Coding Career

    A newly Certified Coding Profession ready to jump start my career as a Coding. Over 15 years in clinical and administrated position, treating and mongering various diseases and conditions, medical compliance, auditor and maintain proficiency of a clinical lab. Searching for a position that will...
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    Wiki Certified Coders Needed at Wichita Surgical Specialists

    Coder needed, CPC or RHIT. Full-time, Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm, busy surgical practice. Coding experience preferred. Communication, computer & organizational skills necessary. Excellent benefit package. Apply online at: EOE/Vets/disabled/M/F/Federal Contractor.
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    Wiki Abstract Coding-Coder's liability

    Hello This is my first time posting. Can anyone guide me to where I can find information as to Texas laws that a coder cannot change a dx code on a claim if the provider did not give the appropriate one? From my understanding a coder abstracts from the operative report, enters charges, and is...
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    Wiki orthopedic surgery

    I have a new client who still thinks we can use pre 2015 cpt codes. I have explained that a lot of the codes have been bundled and he wants to unbundle them anyway. Could you help in coding the procedures below? 1-caudal epidural steroid injection 2-lumbar sine epidurogram 3-left sacroiliac...
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    Wiki L5-S1 ADR Coding

    We recently took on a new orthopedic spine surgeon and are having some issues coding. He ordered a L5-S1 Artificial Disk Replacement. I believe the main code is 22857 but I do not know if anything else is normally billed with it. Please help!
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    Wiki Ortho L5-S1 ADR Coding

    We recently took on a new orthopedic spine surgeon and are having some issues coding. He ordered a L5-S1 Artificial Disk Replacement. I believe the main code is 22857 but I do not know if anything else is normally billed with it. Please help!
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    Wiki When billing codes 33249 and 93461-26?

    I am new to cardiology coding and need some help. Our doctors do the coding and I billed 33249 and 93641-26 together to Medicare and they responded with non covered for medical necessity. I am not sure if a 59 modifier should also be placed on the 93641-26 or what to do from here. Any...
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    Wiki Remote Coding

    I am getting ready to move back home and will be living pretty far out in the country so I am looking for advice on how to become a remote coder/biller from home. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have 7 years experience in the field of coding and billing which includes many different...
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    Wiki HCCS Remote Coding Positions

    I am looking for feedback from any individuals Regarding HCCS HIM Services located in Fort Myers Florida. I have recently been contacted by HCCS for a remote coding position, and would like to make sure this is a legit business. Has anyone had any experience with this company? I would greatly...
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    Wiki Advice on transitioning from pediatric coding to remote and/or specialty.

    Currently I work in a very small clinic; one MA, one D.O., and myself. We started from scratch and have grown into a profitable solo practice. I work all the front office duties (secretarial) and back office duties (coding, billing, appeals, authorizations, collections, business research...
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    Wiki Facility coding

    I've been thinking of expanding my knowledge into the facility side of coding. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the best books or websites to look at to gain a base understanding of facility coding.