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    Wiki Drug Screen Billing

    Was wondering if we have pts sign a Drug Screen Attestation are we allowed to bill them Medicare Rates when their insurance denies as excessive.
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    Wiki Drug Assay Coding - Your assistance please

    Hello all, I have a new client who has been billing the following for Presumptive Drug Class Screening (urine). The Laboratory Requisition indicates Drug Screen and Full Confirmation for a Comprehensive Test Panel. 80307 - Drug tests, presumptive, any number of drug instrument...
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    Wiki Coding for non face to face

    I am coding for a physician who has met with the parents of an older autistic child. The child could not make the appointment. The Dr. discusses the patient's care with the parents and fills out FMLA paperwork. Does anybody know if this encounter is billable and if so, what ICD 10 and E/M codes...
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    Wiki Coding Wheezing and Shortness of Breath

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting a questions here.... I am auditing a medical denial for our laboratory claim and Medicare is asking for a supportive diagnosis code. Wheezing was already coded but unfortunately that doesn't cover the tests being denied. So within the report...
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    Wiki Right Middle Meningeal Artery Angiogram

    Hi, My name is Labiba and one of the physicians in my department performed angiographies for the following vessels: internal carotid, external carotid, and right meningeal. The codes that were billed were 36224 for the internal carotid, 36227 for the external carotid, and 36228 for the right...
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    Wiki New Patient Visits

    I am a biller with a group in Tennessee, currently we have a system when a midlevel (NP) goes in and takes and documents the new pt encounter visit, goes out presents the case to the MD. He then goes in and finalizes the encounter and the plan w/ the new pt and we bill "incident-to" new pt visit...
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    Wiki Career opportunities I can branch out to with medical coding

    Hello everyone, Out of curiosity, what are other career options I can branch out to with experience in medical coding? I know auditing, compliance, teaching & management are options but are there any other ones I don't know about?
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    Wiki I want to apprentice under hospital coder

    Hi! I live in Orange County, CA. I've really been wanting to become a stronger coder and I would love to sit and learn from a hospital coder. I'd love to work for a hospital but they require so many years under the belt. I'm willing to pick up the workload for free in exchange for an extended...
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    Wiki Prolonged Services

    Hello I have a patient who after his E/M visit was admitted to hospital by Dr. but stayed in office for 4 hours under supervision until an open room was available at hospital. Would I use prolonged visit codes? Or not include at all. Any advise would be helpful. thank you
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    Wiki Looking for opinions on capsule reading and billing global

    Good Afternoon All, If a provider is buying the capsule cams, has the download center equipment and is paying someone to read their capsule but then reading it themselves and signing the note that the provider read the test; would this be allowed in order to bill globally? I was told if the...
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    Wiki Yearly physical done by one provider and Pelvic and Pap done by another on same day

    Hello, I have a question. If a provider is doing a yearly CPE and during the CPE calls in another provider within the group to do the Pelvic and Pap because the patient required a female provider to do so, can we bill the provider who did the CPE for the year physical and the other provider just...
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    Wiki Billing Medicaid first for medical or billing Medicaid Amerihealth first

    I'm new to billing and coding. When patient has both, which one do we bill first for a medical Dx, medicaid Avesis or Medicaid AmeriHealth? :p
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    Wiki CPC looking to code from home

    Dear Sir or Madam: Based on the criteria you listed, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the position of Coder. Please accept the enclosed resume as my application for the position. I am a recent graduate from AAPC distant learning for coding and an experienced National Certified Medical...
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    Wiki Billing/coding/modifiers

    I work for a small 150 bed community hospital. Our billing office contacted me today about a VA denial we received. We use the 3M encoder and it is setup to group following Medicare guidelines. My biller said the VA follows Medicare guidelines, BUT they are "behind" on being up to date with...
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    Wiki CPC with 1+ year of experience, multi-specialty, midwestern Illinois

    Completed credentialed AAPC Medical Billing and Coding Program in July 2017. Earned CPC in June 2017. Willing to travel initially if there is a possibility of position becoming remote. Otherwise looking for a position located in midwestern Illinois, southeastern Iowa, or northeastern...
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    Wiki Help Needed: Project and Research Question-Correct an Edit

    Hi everyone, I am stumpt on this preoject/research question below, any assistance would be so greatly helpful :) Thanks so much, Brittany- CPT code 77003 is present under revenue code 320. CPT code 64490 is present under revenue code 360. An NCCI edit is present on code 77003 and reads...
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    Wiki Emergency department coding

    Having difficulty finding experienced Emergency Department coders with their certification, (CPC or CCS-P) who are familiar with all aspects; i.e. technical/professional E/M, procedural and drug administrations (infusion/hydration). If anyone has a solution, please share!
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    Wiki Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency Lesioning Coding Suggestions

    A provider performed a Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency Lesioning with Fluoroscopy. Medicare is denying the first two lines listed below as duplicate. Is this the appropriate way to code this procedure? Provider places the need in the joints then burns the needle. Any suggestions/thoughts...
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    Wiki Coding help for: TrueTears Optic Neurostimulator and Coolsculpting fat freeze

    Would sincerely appreciate coding assistance with the following technologies: TrueTear handheld optic neurostimulator device just approved by FDA for patient home use to stimulate tear production. Rechargeable base with disposable tips that are placed intranasal for nerve stimulation. How to...
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    Wiki Modifier 25 with X-rays? AAPC practice exam says it is required?

    Maybe I am missing something... I am trying to clarify the issue. I was taking the AAPC module that I purchased: Specialty Practice Exam COSC™ And on Case 20 it goes over a basic office visit for knee pain. All that is done is an e/m and an x-ray, 73562. Question three asks if a modifier...
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    Wiki Billing 64405 DX M5481 to BCBS Denied

    We bill 64405 (greater occiptal nerve block) with DX M5481 (occiptal neuralgia) to Blue Cross, they deny stating non-covered. When patient contacts BCBS, they advise patient, denial is due to the diagnosis we are billing. However, M5481 occiptial neuralgia is the reason for the occipital nerve...
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    Wiki Help me choose my frist coding job.

    Hello, first I thought I should tell you all my experience, then what the jobs are and what they offer, then the problems I see with each. This would be my first coding job and I just really want it work out well. So first I want to say, everything I know about coding I taught myself. So I feel...
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    Wiki Certfication Test

    I just took my certification test today and I wasn't able to complete the test I only was able to complete 98 out of 150 questions I feel like I had a bit of test anxiety and freak myself out when I kept looking at the clock. Is there any advice that anyone can give me in case I have to retake...
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    Wiki Relocating to Chicago looking for full time coding/billing position

    I am in the process of relocating from Michigan to the Chicago area the beginning of June and I am looking for a full time coding and/or billing position. I have 16 years of experience and became certified as a CPC in 2009 and certification of ICD-10 in 2014. Resume upon request. Thank you
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    Wiki COSC exam prep help?

    Hello, I will be taking the COSC exam next year and I was wondering if anyone has passed it recently and can provide me with some tips on where I should focus my studying? Also does anyone know of some good websites and resourses that help you practice coding/anatomy & physiology online or...
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    Wiki CPC-A, Honor Grad - Resume feedback, please

    Hi, I am an honor graduate from Career Step (Professional Medical Coding and Billing with Applied PCS) and I am certified through AAPC (CPC-A). Would somebody be willing to review my resume and let me know what you think, please? Good points, bad points, etc. Being a military spouse and living...
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    Wiki CPT codes 99201-99204 with POS 65 for AKI pts seen in the Dialysis Unit

    Per the RPA, we are to use 90935 and 90945 with POS 65 for our AKI patients who will be seen in the dialysis units instead of the hospital outpatient unit as of 1/1/17. My questions is this, can we also use 99201-99204 for those AKI patients who are new to our practice who we see for the first...
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    Wiki H0006 another code

    BC is now denying case management code H0006 stating H and T codes are to be billed by Medicaid, any suggestions on a replacement code? Thanks
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    Wiki ◇ CPC-A seeking part-time remote coding/billing position ! ◇

    Email me at: Work History ◇ Orthopedic Specialists Clinic Oct 2015 – present Work in the billing department as a certified professional coder Will provide references and contact information if inquired Education ◇ Received my CPC at a Community College...
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    Wiki CPC-A looking for part time remote position !

    Email me at: Work History ◇ Orthopedic Specialists Clinic Oct 2015 – present Work in the billing department as a certified professional coder Will provide references and contact information if inquired Education...
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    Wiki How to code for a nerve that was buried under Depuytren contracture of the right hand

    Our surgeon performed the following procedures. I need help coding the nerve attachment. He thinks code 64787 should be used, but this is an add-on code. I have 26123, & 26525. I need help, can anyone help me with this?? POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES: 1. Right palm and small finger Dupuytren's...
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    Wiki Interventional radiology training courses

    Hi All, I am taking on a new role at work which involves reviewing IR charges to ensure the proper procedures was performed and billed. I'm looing for a course in IR that will lay the foundation to understanding the services and as well as information on documentation and coding. Any...
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    Wiki Need feedback ASAP!!!!

    I have an interview in a few hours for a coding position. I became certified questions year ago, and this would be my 1st coding job if I get it. What would be a reasonable wage to ask for? Is $15 too low, or would I be ok asking for more? Thank you
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    Wiki Looking for experienced ortho coder for small coding project, $50 - ASAP

    I own my own medical billing company in Sacramento, CA, called OneHealth Practice Management. I am also a member of the Sacarmento AAPC chapter. I currently have a need for an ortho coder to code 2 days worth of a patient record for a legal matter I'm assisting with. The codes I have for the...
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    Wiki CPC-A looking for remote coding job

    Hello. My name is Jamie Carney. I have 2 1/2 years experience in medical billing and coding. I became a certified professional coder in December 2015. I am looking for a remote coding position. Please email me at for my resume or to send a message. Thank you.
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    Wiki Seeking part-time remote coding work

    Hello! I am currently seeking a part-time remote coding position, no more than 20 hrs per week. Available all evenings and weekends. Experience in professional fee coding, facility radiology, Emergency Dept, same day surgery, and interventional radiology. Also experienced in cardiac...
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    Wiki When and How to Code Current and Past Cancer Diagnoses

    Question: How often should cancer diagnosis be reported? Is it to be reported on ALL procedures following the active diagnosis of cancer? Example: If a patient has active cancer, but they are getting bloodwork/EKG/Urinalysis for a condition NOT RELATED to their cancer diagnosis, is cancer...
  38. H

    Wiki HCC Audit, IS CRNP an acceptable provider?

    Hi Everyone, Based on the guidelines for HCC Risk Adjustment Coding / Auditing, can anyone tell me if a CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner) is an acceptable provider type? Thank you so much for the guidance!
  39. K

    Wiki CPC-A Looking for a great company to build his career with

    Recently passed my CPC exam in July and i'm looking for a great company to begin my career with. I have my CPC-A certification. I am in the Phoenix are but would also be interested in Remote work. Thank you, Kelly
  40. E

    Wiki Remote Coding/Billing

    Hi! Very interested in trying to find a Remote Coding or even Billing position where I can work from home. Not sure where to begin and want to start with a credible company that I can stay and grow with. At one point I spoke to woman about it and she worked for a company she loved and gave me...
  41. C

    Wiki Icd-9 coding depression and bipolar same dos

    Hello, I need some feedback. I was QA'ED on a chart where the patient had a diagnosis of depression and bipolar in the PMH and there was medication support. I was told that depression and bipolar cannot be coded together because depression is part of bipolar. I am a nurse and know that these 2...
  42. M

    Wiki CPC-A Looking for Remote Coding Position

    Hello- I have recently obtained my CPC-A certification and should soon have my full CPC certification. I am looking for some part-time, remote coding work to do in addition to my full time job. Contact or 585-261-6993. Thank you!
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    Wiki left thumb metacarpophalgeal arthrodesis & trapezium excision w/ suture suspension

    left thumb metacarpophalgeal arthrodesis & trapezium excision w/ suture suspension I need help coding this surgery for accuracy and maximum reimbursement. Should I use 25320, 25210, and 26850 or 25447? The skin was incised with a 15 blade along the preplanned mark. Hemostasis was achieved...
  44. S

    Wiki PQRS regarding type of anesthesia

    Coding the PQRS #13 requirement, "PACU Reintubation Rate", has a requirement of "Patient underwent general anesthesia facilitated by SGA or ETT". My question is whether Medicare considers LMA to be the same, included, with SGA? (SGA: supraglottic anesthesia. ETT: endotracheal tube. LMA...
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    Wiki Experienced HCC coders/auditors needed work onsite and remote weekly - Tampa FL area

    Peak Risk Adjustment Solutions has positions available for partially remote experienced HCC coders and auditors in the Tampa, FL area. We have multiple positions open for immediate hire. These are full time 40 hour per week positions and will require the coder to be onsite in our office at...
  46. N

    Wiki Unsure e&m

    Hi All, I have a question that I can not seem to find the answer for so this is my last resort. I have a trauma doctor who is trying to bill an inpatient consult (99253) but there's a couple problems, number one the patient is in the ER and hasn't been admitted, YET, second problem is the...
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    Wiki Best ways to gain experience needed for jobs? What has worked for you? Help needed!

    How do I gain the experience in coding that it seems all employers require for basic coding jobs? I have read that it is possible to volunteer at hospitals or doctors offices-have any of you done this to get experience, and how did you go about approaching places? Are there jobs such as office...
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    Wiki Early Stage Med Device Company looking for Assistance & Feedback about Economic Study

    Early Stage Med Device Company looking for Assistance & Feedback about Economic Study Our company is conducting an economic study to determine potential cost savings associated with the use of our device in an inpatient setting. We believe our device has the ability to assist medical...
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    Wiki Economic Study Methodology for Cost Savings

    Hello, Our company is developing a non-invasive brain monitor for diagnosing and continuously monitoring various neurological conditions. Our device is positioned as a supplement to EVDs (External Ventricular Drains) and as a way for physicians to immediately understand if there is any...
  50. D

    Wiki Question for you Gastro billers out there!

    Hello All, I wanted to get some opinions on a few things: 1. If my doctor sees a patient prior to colonoscopy screening and the patient is there to just go over the colonoscopy steps and sign consents. Are we able to charge for this visit? I have seen where it states if just there for a...