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    Wiki 2 inpatient visits on same day

    Can 2 providers in the same specialty, same practice, bill for inpatient visits on the same date of service? If so, is there a modifier required on one or both visits?
  2. C

    Wiki Exam Components for E/M

    Dr. does a Physical Exam on his patients for these following areas: General (Constitutional) Head Eyes Ears, nose, mouth, throat Extremities (Excluding a separate hand exam that he documents seperatly, below) Neuro Skin He then usually does a Normal Wrist exam for Carpal Tunnel (He is a hand...
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    Wiki Modifiers with Level 5, prolonger service, fingerstick, and flu vax and admin

    Hi all, One of our providers is billing: 99215 - level 5 established patient e/m 99354 - prolonged service 82962 - glucose fingerstick 90661 - flu vaccination 90471 - vaccine administration What I am confused on is what modifiers to use in this situation, and where. I believe 59 would go on...
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    Wiki 20611 with level 4 E/M?!?!?

    Hi All, I really need some help with this one. :confused:I have been in the medical field for 10+ years but am newly certified in coding, so I would like to come at this problem with as much data and references as I can to support my perspective. Our Sports Med guy keeps billing 20610/20611...
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    Wiki Review of Systems

    Please help! One of the physicians in our practice routinely uses this statement when making an initial hospital visit or consult: "Review of systems: Reviewed. The patient's review of systems found on the patient's chart under physician documentation is noncontributory." How could that even...
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    Wiki Correct ROS documentation

    I do coding for inpt consult and initial hosp visits. My attendings are under the impression that they should get credit for a comatose or intubated pt if the ROS are not done. How should ROS be documented in this case?
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    Wiki Do you see a comprehensive exam here?

    Do you count 8 organ systems for a comprehensive exam? Patient is in a coma. VITAL SIGNS: BP 100/60, HR 90, Intubated on vent, sedated. Weight 171 kg. HEENT- face is cushingoid CHEST: bilateral rhonchi ABD: soft EXT: legs show edema NEURO: corneal and gag reflex absent. No movement or...
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    Wiki EM Exam components- does this meet a comprehensive exam?

    Do you count 8 organ systems for a comprehensive exam? Patient is in a coma. VITAL SIGNS: BP 100/60, HR 90, Intubated on vent, sedated. Weight 171 kg. HEENT- face is cushingoid CHEST: bilateral rhonchi ABD: soft EXT: legs show edema NEURO: corneal and gag reflex absent. No movement or...
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    Wiki 95971 with a E/M visit

    (patient has VNS in place) If a patient comes in for a scheduled F/U due to seizures or parkinsons and the physician decides to interrigate his/her VNS, would a separate E/M be appropriate with modifier -25? -I am asking because I am assuming that the decision to check it would be considered...
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    Wiki E/M with injection same day

    I work for an orthopedic practice where the physicians see patients and do injections same day all the time. I have been trained to bill the E/M level for the visit and the injection code and append modifier 25 to the E/M level. Recently I went to an E/M workshop and the instructor told me...
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    Wiki E/M coding, ROS

    when coding E/M, does anyone know if a doctor states hx of colectomy, hx of appendectomy, hx of CABG, ext, for example, can you use that as ROS, if he only states past surgeries?
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    Wiki E/m visit with prolonged service on separate day

    I have a coding question regarding inpatient billing. I've been looking for information in regards to this, but I have yet to find anything conclusive. Let's say a palliative care dr saw a patient on may 2, 2016 and billed for these services..let's say 99222. Then he goes back may 5, 2016...
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    Wiki Urgently looking for 10 Medical coders for Onsite and Remote coding positions

    Looking For Remote coders for Auditing Physicians Charts. Willing to travel when necessary. • Surgical oncology coder/Auditor for physician services with E&M coding. • Radiation oncology coder for physician services with E&M coding. Responsibilities: • Surgical coder with oncology experience...
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    Wiki E/M Office Visit with G0436 Smoking Cessation to Medicare

    We are billing e/m such as 99214 with G0436 and Medicare is denying the 99214 stating CO50 medical necessity, M25 information doesn't support level of service and N386 denied based on NCD. I called Medicare and the NCD they reference is 210.4.1. I asked rep if it is due to DX and she said...
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    Wiki Expert E/M Coders Needed (REMOTE)

    Contract E/M CODER - Aviacode is looking for 3-4 expert PRIMARY CARE E/M coders that can work a minimum of 15+ hours a week. This is for a long-term remote coding position, with the opportunity to move to a FTE or supervisory position.. Reports to: Coding Supervisor/Manager Employment Status...
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    Wiki Prenatal Coding (Commercial Insurance)

    Hi all - we have a patient who presented one time in the office for prenatal care. She was previously seen by another provider at a different office for her prenatal visits but when her insurance changed she was told she wouldn't be able to see the other doctor, so she came to us. However, after...
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    Wiki Payment For Advance Care Planning - 99497 and 99498

    Has anyone yet received an actual payment for Advance Care Planning - 99497 and 99498? Can you explain what you did if you have received payment. Was a diagnostic code used or does it only require an e/m code? I called Medicare and they said to just document the medical necessity?! I'm not...
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    Wiki Policy for Selecting E/M Level

    Can an outpatient physician's clinic implement a policy that the coder doesn't change the e/m level because they want to establish a written policy that the physician is responsible for the e/m selection? I would think the coder should determine e/m level since they are checking the...
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    Wiki 1995 or 1997 for answering E/M questions on CPMA exam

    Hi Should I use the 1995 or 1997 Audit tool to answer the E/M questions on the CPMA exam. Does the questions tell you which one to use to come up with the correct answer ? Thanks
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    Wiki E/M vs Preventive Visit

    Patient states was only see for annual physical exam provider billed e/m with diagnosis. The CC & HPI both indicate patient was being seen for annual routine exam and the ROS and Exam portion also support this. Is it reasonable to code a routine physical Z00.00 even though the providers...
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    Wiki NY State United Healthcare community dual coverage

    Just wondering if anyone else in physician billing getting a denial for an E/m billed with an X-ray as inclusive? When I called I was told the E/M is part of Xray and must bill E/M with 25 modifier. Looking for help, and or link for correct billing? New to dual coverage thru state
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    Wiki Billing Observation Codes

    My Cardiologist see's patients as observation at the hospital frequently and is not the admitting/attending Dr and he bills 99212-99215. Some insurances state that 99212-99215 is an OV and charges the patients a copay. If I can not bill a new patient code 99201-99205 or a consult 99241-99245...
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    Wiki Home health POS question

    Hello Does anyone have an CMS information that states physicians cannot bill E/M codes 99211-99215 with POS 12 (home). I have seen some doctors bill with this POS and E/M codes and I am not sure if CMS will allow the location to bill with office/outpatient. thanks
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    Wiki E/M with a procedure

    Question...I know that to bill a E/M with a procedure the visit has to be distinct from procedure. But I question this........New pt come in to see GYN with irregular bleeding. Provider does COMPLETE work up and gives pt options. One of those options being a endo bx. Pt chooses endo bx. and it...
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    Wiki Pap Only

    I have a question. If one of our Providers see a patient for a pap only, no blood work was done she had her annual already but the pap was not done. They are using the diagnosis Z01.419. The research I have done is stating you should only bill the pap and not an E/M, is this correct? I need...
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    Wiki Assistant coding out patient / hospital setting E/M code

    Sometimes the providers do the H&P on OB patients who are seen in the labor and delivery floor. However, it states patient are seen as out patient. Do you bill an out patient e/M code or do you bill observation codes? It doesn't mentioned patient is on observation status... I would like to say...
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    Wiki Best Auditing Tool to use?

    Hello Fellow Coders, i hope you all are healthy and doing well. I have recently started an auditing position (which i have done in the past) but I have several different tools I can use to determine the correct E/M level. Is there an easy to look at tool that you auditors prefer to use when...
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    Wiki Exam documentation - I know that VS can be counted as constitutional

    Hello everyone, I code E/M for ED providers, and I have a question about exam documentation. Occasionally, for whatever reason, the exam portion of our notes will be blank, with the exception of the vital signs. I know that VS can be counted as constitutional, but is that a billable service...
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    Wiki OB case

    Hi everyone! Case: pt is 39 weeks pregnant admitted for L/D the Epidural was not done because the patient had to push/deliver What ICD-10 would be used in a case like this? Do I bill for a E/M service based off of the eval? Thank you for your help! Sherri, CPC
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    Wiki office visit and consult code

    We had a patient come in for a office visit for constipation. during that visit the provider also did a pre op exam. Can you bill for both the E/M level and a consult code for the Pre-Op? or would you just use a E/M level?
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    Wiki E/M w/ 57 modifier and operative report denial

    We have seen an influx of denials from payer sources (VA, BCBS and work comp) denying the E/M with a 57 modifier because the E/M and operative services weren't billed on same claim. Is anyone else seeing this? Thank you. Deb Knight, CPC, COC Missoula Bone & Joint & Surgery Center
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    Wiki prolonged services question

    When attempting to determine the appropriate E/M codes to use when an extensive amount of time has been spent with the patient (and documented appropriately :) ), how do you figure out the initial E/M code to use? For example, if you have a 90 minute established patient office visit, do you...
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    Wiki New to ENT. Lots of Questions re: when to bill E/M with a scope

    Hi. I'm new to ENT coding and I have several questions that I hope you can help me with. First when the doctor does a laryngoscopy in the office, how do you count this in the data complexity part of the audit sheet? I'm thinking that he should get a point in the medicine part-- The same line...
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    Wiki E/M Specialty Certification Question

    I am preparing to take the E/M Specialty Certification. On the list of approved manuals, along with the usual AMA CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS ll, I'm allowed to bring the '95 & '97 CMS DG's, audit worksheet & also: Optional References: One reference of your choice Does anyone have any suggestions on...
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    Wiki Modifier 26

    May modifier 26 ever be used with an E/M code? Thanks!
  36. T

    Wiki Coding E/M with NST

    Can E/M codes be coded with a non stress test?
  37. K

    Wiki New to Chrio Coding

    Hi there, I am new to chiropractic coding. I understand that if it is an established patient you can not code an E/M level and a manipulation on the same day if it is the same diagnosis as before. My question is the Chiropractor I code for almost every time has an office level visit and a...
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    Wiki History of Colonic Polyps and E/M Codes

    Hello our physician at our practice used an E/M code of 99397 for a Dx code Z89010, this is a Medicare patient is this coding correct? Will Medicare pay?
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    Wiki Coders Needed! Remote or in NJ Office

    We are looking for E/M, Cardiology and multi-specialty coders. There are 3 positions currently open. Position: Onsite Full Time Permanent or Contract Medical Coder Location: Remote or In Jersey City Office CPC or equivalent. CPC-A’s are also welcome to submit their resumes for consideration...
  40. R

    Wiki billing E/M level instead of injection

    I have a Dr. who has a question about billing just for his E/M level vist and not for the injection that he gave the patient due to it probabaly being denied. Is this kosher. I am under the impression that you cannot just do this? Any feed back would be appreciated.
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    Wiki Billing ills and wells together

    I believe there is some controversy on this. Our office is billing both for same visit and we are getting paid for it. I assume others are as well. For those that are comfortable with this my question is how do you determine the level of e/m? Do you look at the components and kind of subtract...
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    Wiki Billing an annaul & E/M at the same time.

    It is my understanding that the annual exam needs a complete past, family & social history. pt. also has a level 4 (99214) illness, how do you separate the history for the annual and the E/M code?
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    Wiki E/m level 99221 - 99223 and 99231-99223 initial and subsequent hospital care

    Please help, can we as the hospital charge a e/m level for inpatient for a doc either employed or not by the hospital, even if the doc charges a e/m level through their clinic. We are having a discussion on this issue and of course we all do not agree and need outside advice. Or do you know...
  44. A

    Wiki E/M Leveling

    When coding for outpatient physician visits do i consider the diagnosis Z23-incounter for immunization as a diagnosis for the overall leveling of the e/m code??
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    Wiki FT onsite, coder needed

    Oklahoma City - Large multi-specialty physician group. E/M experience helpful. Please contact Terri @ 405-553-0852, for more information.
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    Wiki Modifier 59 help

    IBC stopped paying my claims for 2 e/m's (an office visit and preventive visit) and a flu shot . The claims had a 25 modifier on them but now all of a sudden because of NCCI edits I am being told that I have to use a 59 modifier. Is anyone familiar with this modifier - can you tell me if...
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    Wiki E/M & Surgery Coder Needed (Remote, Contract) - Gastroenterology

    Hi Coders, Aviacode is looking for coders that can code both E/M and SURGERIES for the following specialties: Cardiology Gastroenterology General Surgery Nephorology Neurology Neurosurgery Orthopedic Pulmonology If you have experience in one or more of those specialties with BOTH E/M and Surgery...
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    Wiki E/M & Surgery Coder Needed (Remote, Contract)

    Hi Coders, Aviacode is looking for coders that can code both E/M and SURGERIES for the following specialties: Cardiology Gastroenterology General Surgery Nephorology Neurology Neurosurgery Orthopedic Pulmonology If you have experience in one or more of those specialties with BOTH E/M and Surgery...
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    Wiki Intraoperative consults

    What E/M code do you use when billing for an intraoperative consult?
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    Wiki What is your go to refrence that is not the DG's or google?

    I know there are lot of books that provide guidance for documentation and auditing of E/M services. I'm curious which one book is your go to . . . ?