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Recommended Steps to Prepare for the CDEO® Exam

Learn more about the CDEO® Exam.

  • CDEO® Study Guide
    CDEO® Preparation Course (Online)
  • Practice Exam
    CDEO® Study Guide
  • Practice Exam
    Practice Exam
  • CPMA® Exam
    CDEO® Exam

Step 1 CDEO® Online Preparation Course Save 58% through July 31st

The CDEO® Training Course will teach the fundamentals of medical documentation, prepare you for the CDEO® exam and help you establish a career in the medical documentation industry.

The CDEO® study guide reviews each section of the CDEO® exam in detail and provides practical examples, sample questions, and test taking techniques. If you have documentation experience or have successfully completed documentation training (such as the courses listed above), this study guide will optimize exam preparation.

Three online 50-question practice exams to test your readiness for the CDEO® certification. The online practice exams emulate the actual certification exam.