Other Procedures on the Abdomen, Peritoneum, and Omentum CPT® Code range 49465- 49465

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Introduction, Revision, and/or Removal Procedures on the Abdomen, Peritoneum, and Omentum 49465-49465 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 49465- 49465
Other Procedures on the Abdomen, Peritoneum, and Omentum
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January 01, 1970
My Radiologist has his own billing company where we bill for just the reading of procedures done at local hospitals. I am currently in need of assistance with CPT 49465 Evalution of G Tube. Should I b... [ Read More ]
Hi, I'm looking for the cpt code for repositioning of an existing percutaneous gastrostomy tube. The 43761 is for repositioning of a naso or or-gastric tube not percutaneous. 49450/49452/49440/49446 ... [ Read More ]
[b]Pouchogram/ileal conduit[/b] Dear True... I see...you are absolutely right. we get a code that comes thru. this one came thru with 49465, so i wasn't going to bill that, and it wasn't a fistulog... [ Read More ]
Can someone give me an idea on what I can charge for this service? I was looking at 49460 but I am not sure if it truly fits. The other option I have considered would be only charging the contrast inj... [ Read More ]
You are correct--the code for this procedure is 49465. The codes your tech selected are used for abscess drainage tube checks, for example for injection procedures involving drains placed in spontan... [ Read More ]
Could you help me with a procedure code? Report dicated below. Procedure: J-Tube Check Contrast injected into a feeding tube showed the tube to be well positioned within the stomach. A large filling... [ Read More ]
[b]Peg tube check[/b] Hi, CPT Description for CPT code 49465 is "Contrast injection for Radiological Evaluation of gastrostomy,duodenostomy, Jejenostomy, gastro-jejenostomy, cecostomy(or other colon... [ Read More ]
Our radiologist is doing a PEG tube check with a contrast injection and I wanted to use code 49465 but my manager said it includes fluoro and we can not use it since they were not using fluro for guid... [ Read More ]
Elamathi, As Shirley pointed out, CPT 49465 specifically states [COLOR="Red"]Percutaneous approach [COLOR="Black"]and since the NG tube is not a percutaneously placed g-tube then I would still utili... [ Read More ]
Hi Anita, We use 49424/76080 for GJ tube contrast injection until the code 49465 updated. As you told, the concept is correct for 2003, but now we have seperate codes for GJ tubes, so I feel 49465 ... [ Read More ]