Critical Care Services CPT® Code range 99291- 99292

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Evaluation and Management Services 99291-99292 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.

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CPT® Code Range 99291- 99292
Critical Care Services
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December 31, 1969
Keep an eye out for Medicarespecific rule. As statespecific COVID19 vaccination mandates start to hit home health and hospice agencies a federal regulation on vaccination for all companies with more t... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Second interim final rule implements additional protections and addresses the independent dispute resolution process. On Sept. 30 2021 the Department of Health and Human Services HHS the Department of... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
HEALTHCON Regional 2021 got off to a great start and the level of excitement remained high going into the third day. Many attendees both inperson and virtual began their day with the networking breakf... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Those attending the first day of AAPCs Charleston regional conference hit the ground running and day two was no different. The day began with an early networking breakfast and a barrage of sightseeing... [ Read More ]
December 31, 1969
Education networking and good times drew hundreds of medical billers coders auditors and other healthcare business professionals to an AAPC regional conference today. The threeday conference Oct. 46 c... [ Read More ]
Newly certified and looking for remote position. Dedicated, organized, self-motivated professional seeking company to learn and grow with. Thank you for your consideration. Please see attached resume ... [ Read More ]
Do you code both the organism and bacteremia when coding MSSA Bacteremia? The patient is not septic nor there is an infectious process going on. ICD-9 Coding Clinic stated that an additional code fo... [ Read More ]
Hi, I was wondering those who recently took the CPMA exam- what auditing tool did you use? How many did you bring? I took the course in February and it was still going by old E/M guidelines for OVs, i... [ Read More ]
I've been applying for remote work postings recently, and there is something I wonder if anyone can shed some light on for me. Nearly all remote job postings have a state (or states) listed in the po... [ Read More ]
hello all, do i need modifier 59 on 90471 when bill admin code G0009 ? example Flu with G0008 admin code and 90715 with 90471. thank you ... [ Read More ]
Right heart catheterization. A 7F Swan Ganz catheter was advanced to the pulmonary artery wedge position under fluoroscopic guidance. Measurements of pressures, arterial and venous oxygen saturation, ... [ Read More ]
Reviewing a medical record, I came across a patient with CAD that also has "morning angina." I am not a cardiology specialist coder, and all my research shows the possibility that one can co... [ Read More ]
Good Afternoon, Patient with a AMI/STEMI has complete occlusion of the left main. Aspiration thrombectomy was performed in the LM to the LAD and LM to Circumflex. At that point it was decided to sten... [ Read More ]
This one is a first for me. Patient seen one day post-circumcision by an out of state doctor. Had penile hematoma. My doctor took the patient to the OR, expecting to repair the circ. Instead found t... [ Read More ]
Regarding "Number and complexity of problems addressed "Chronic illness with exacerbation, progression, or side effects of treatment: A chronic illness that is acutely worsening, poorly cont... [ Read More ]

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