1. S

    Workflow for AMB/SDS facility side

    Hi, I’m just trying to get an idea how everyone’s workflow goes for Ambulatory/Same Day Surgery for facility side? Do you group the same procedures together and code them all at the same time? Or just sort them by DOS and do a different procedure each chart? I’m trying to get ideas on how to...
  2. A

    Radiology coding tips/advise?

    Hey everyone! I recently got a job as a radiology coder and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips for coding radiology? It's my first coding job too! Thank you!
  3. D

    Questions for a newbee! Location: Georiga

    Hello Everyone! I am switching careers from public safety to CRC. From what I am learning I am confident that my skills are very much transferable and will really help me in this new line of work it is just a matter of getting the experience. I am beginning a online course shortly and am...
  4. T

    Need advice on dealing with Mental Health providers

    Hi I really need some advice on what I should do in this situation. I code for all the mental health providers in my practice. There is one in particular who seems to end up having cases where the patient was abused in the past. Unfortunately one of these patients is a still a child. When I...
  5. JessBojan

    First time remote coding resources and helpful tips/essentials??

    Hey everyone! I just accepted a part time remote coding position and it will be my first coding position. I've been doing billing with some coding for a billing company for about 4 years. Any recommendations regarding equipment, additional software, helpful tools/subscriptions/books, or just any...
  6. T

    Remote Coding

    I am getting ready to move back home and will be living pretty far out in the country so I am looking for advice on how to become a remote coder/biller from home. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have 7 years experience in the field of coding and billing which includes many different...
  7. C

    Failed CPC exam- first attempt with 65%. Need advice.

    Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on passing my CPC exam on my second attempt which is coming up in a few weeks. My problem with the first exam was with the amount of time given to us. How could anyone answer 150 questions within such a short amount of time? I utilized all of the official...
  8. L

    Simple prostatectomy code?? Please help!

    What would the code for a simple laparoscopic prostatectomy be?? When I've researched it I can't find much. What I did find seems to say that you would bill an unlisted code?? I'm really not sure what else it would be. Anyone have any advice?? I'm being asked what to use by one of our providers...
  9. A

    I am doing CPC prep course and need Help!

    Hi, I am struggling and am only working on ICD 10 codes right now. Anyone got any advice on how to study for this? I cant seem to remember the order and rules for all the codes. Thank you!
  10. M

    Home Visits performed by NP

    We are looking at performing in-home assessments by a NP for our ACA-Exchange members and MAPD members. They will perform a detailed exam, Comprehensive History, and Straightforward or low medical decison making. We are struggling on what CPT/HCPCs could be used for each product line, that is...
  11. T

    CSI...good company

    CSI are offering a lot of positions (mainly HCC). You start off as contract and go permanent after 3-4 months. Has anyone gone through this process with CSI and how was it? Just need to know before committing to anything. Thank you for any advice offered.
  12. D

    emg billing need advice

    I am new to billing emg, dr. did 95911 RT, 95911 LT, 95885 RT AND 95885 LT, I don't think this is correct, any advice would help
  13. O

    CIC exam re-take

    I failed my first attempt at the CIC certification. I'm so overwhelmed and maybe feel I'm just not meant to do inpatient coding. Any advice, reference material, study recomendations? Any other info that could possibly help is appreciated. TIps, hints, suggestions......... Thank you
  14. L

    Wiki Advice about publications

    I am newly credentialed and am wondering what recommendations there are as to what publications a medical biller/coder should keep handy and or review to gain or review knowledge about guidelines, regulations etc. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I want to be as knowledgeable as...
  15. M

    CPC Advice Needed In San Diego, CA

    Hi All! I've been doing billing and management for 9 years now and I have really put off getting my CPC, well I told myself that I would and that is my goal this year. Any advice on where to start would be really appreciated. I've read the info on the AAPC website and it's helpful, but I would...
  16. O

    CIC Exam Prep help!! :)

    So I am taking my CIC certification exam Wednesday and am so worried about passing. Anyone take this exam and pass fairly easliy. Any helpful hints, tips, etc..... I need as much help as possible I'm sure!! All advice is appreciated. Thank you
  17. V

    Exam Prep Helpful Tips/Advice

    I am preparing to take my first CPC exam soon and would like helpful advice on taking this exam.
  18. P

    Seeking advice from anyone who specializes in peds cardio

    Hi! I recently passed my CPC exam in Oct, I recently started to take on some coding responsibilities in my office. I have tons of questions about coding Cath procedures. Is there anyone here I can send msg and seek advice? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  19. T

    Failed 3 times

    I am so bummed I have failed the CPC for the 3rd time, each time its the same. The 1st time I got a 58, the 2nd a 62 and now I just saw I got a 63, has anyone went through this. I feel like I should choose another career now. I have been doing medical billing since 2007 and I feel like I having...
  20. J

    New and Confused

    I am a new graduate. I graduated from MHCC with an associate of science in medical office management. I really love coding and I want to do this. I take my CPC exam at the end of this month. My problem is finding a job. I have looked for a few months now and nobody will hire me without at least...
  21. N

    2011 Code Books - Your Preference?

    I'm receiving offers from various publishers wanting to sell me the 2011 ICD-9-CM, CPT, and HCPCS coding books. I'd like your opinions on which publisher's books you prefer and why. AAPC, Ingenix, Contexo, or other? Thanks for the advice! NWCPC