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    New EBUS CPTs for interventional pulmonology

    I have received two articles (ATS and AABIP both February issues) that state we can no longer use the 31629, 31628, 31633 or 31632 with the new codes... although there is not a CCI edit for them. Does anyone know more detail about the proper billing for these codes? CPT is not exactly clear...
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    CPT code for Rast Testing

    What is the CPT code for Rast Food Testing (Lab Work) or a Peanut Panel
  3. J

    Replacement Code for 72010

    Does anyone know the replacement CPT code for 72010? It is now an obsolete code. Thanks!
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    Cpt 22310

    I have a new physician to our practice that states she has always billed for CPT 22310 (Closed treatment of vertebral fracture w/o manipulation) in conjunction to either an office visit or hospital follow up. I was under the impression that in order to bill this code the doctor must be present...
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    Need CPT code for Transverse Abdominus Release

    I am looking for CPT code for Ventral hernia repair with component separation AND transverse abdominis release. My physician went to a conference and did not bring any documentation on how to bill this "new" code.
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    CPT Help!

    I used CPT code 32555 for ultrasound guided left thoracentesis. The radiologist drew out fluid and later did a 1 view chest xray and a view chest xray. I am certain that I am not supposed to bill the chest xrays with this code. But need to get more opinions for the physician. Thanks!
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    Patient expires during procedure

    I hope someone can help with this. My physician took a patient to the OR for emergent ruptured AAA repair. He opened the patient and placed a clamp on the aorta and the patient expired. Can we bill for reduced services either modifier 52 or 53, or was there not enough of the CPT code 35102...
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    SCCIS chemical peel

    If SCCIS is destroyed by chemical peel which does not give measurements only a percentage of area covered (in this case 35% of face) - is the appropriate cpt code one 15788 or 15789 or do you use a destruction cpt code and query the physician for measurements?
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    Included Services in CPT Codes

    Are there any books or online resources that can tell you what procedures are included in each CPT code, like if imaging or catheter placement is included? Or maybe something that describes the steps for each procedure? It would be something like this book, only more up to date...
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    Billing Hospital Consults

    One of our providers (we are a specialist group) did a consultation in the hospital. The patient is on Medicare. Since you can't bill consultations, what CPT code should we use? I know to change the place of service.
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    Billing Procedure for Sobxone Treatment

    I need assistance with the CPT code(s) that would be used for Drug Addiction Therapy. Our office will shortly begin using Suboxone therapy for treatment of drug addictions. What CPT code would be used for the Assessment which will include an Initial Comprehensive History and Physical, the...
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    64718 ?

    Hi, just needed to know if the findings of anconeus epitrochlearis is included with the CPT 64718. He states that he excised the muscle to release the nerve. He states that there was fibrous bands of the muscle crossing the nerve. If it is not included what would be the additional CPT for this...
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    J3490, j3590

    Hi all, can you please assist me with medicare fee schedule for CPT J3490(Avastin inj.) and fee schedule for BCBS(colorado) for CPT-J3590(Avastin inj.). Thank you.
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    6 minute walk, 94761 vs 94620

    Hi, I am new to Pulmonary coding , I have read all the threads on this forum regarding the 6 minute walk performed with spirometry with bronchodilator vs 94761. I have a question regarding how this should be coded? I receieved an email from another coder as to how she bills this service...
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    Anal pap smear cpt code? Or use e/m?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a CPT or HCPCS code for Anal Pap Smear? I did see one post where someone advised it is to be bundled in with E/M code. Also, I found pathology CPT code of 88112, for Cytophath cell enhance tech on Medicare website fee schedule. Am I to assume that this will...
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    left hemicolectomy?

    For a left hemicolectomy what is the cpt code?
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    cpt code 31825

    Hi, Does anyone know if cpt code 31825-tracheocutaneous fistula w/ plastic repair include using a muscle flap(15732) for closure of the fistula? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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    Arthroscopic shoulder cpt code for biceps tenotomy, subacromial decompression with ma

    What are the correct CPT code for arthroscopic shoulder for adhesive capsulitis, biceps tendon tear, impingement I got the subcaromial decompression and he did do the acromoplasty - 29826 For the biceps tenotomy there was significant damage- the shaver was used to release the biceps tendon. I...
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    Does anyone know if cpt 11101 or 17003 which are add on codes can be modified with 59? Thanks
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    CPT code for Drug screens

    Looking for clarification. CPT code 80104 has been deleted for 2016, What has it been replaced with? I have read one place G0477 is one of three that replaced it as well as replaced G0434. I would appreciate any guidance on this. thank you
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    Unnaboot change and Port Flush

    I am hoping someone can help me with a couple of questions. Do you have to have a supervising physician in the office and to sign off the charts to be able to bill for a Unnaboot change CPT code 29580 or for a Port Flush CPT code 96523?
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    CPT codes for PHP for chemical dependancy

    My office is expanding to PHP for chemical dependancy from only IOP for behavioral health. I need help with CPT codes please. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Sue/LBHS
  23. K

    Need help for CPT

    Hi every one , i am new to coding Need your help for finding CPT for Excision and Electrocauterization of multiple genital warts under local anesthesia measuring 0.3 cm-0.4 cm. I am using 54055. Thanks in Advance Sarith Kalikkot CPC-A
  24. B

    CPT Code for hypoglossal nerve injection?

    Does anyone know which CPT to use for a hypoglossal nerve injection? It was done by a Pain doc. Thanks!
  25. S

    Vulvectomy cpt code

    Doctor removed partial vulvectomy but not the clitoris which is the correct cpt to use as the 56620 removes the clitoris. Please help. Thanks
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    Hospital Outpatient facility coding

    Hi everyone --I am looking for some feedback from any coders who work for a hospital and do facility coding. Are you required to code the ICD-10-PCS codes on your accounts or just the CPT codes? I am trying to gather some data to assist in decision making for my organization. Thanks in...
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    Instument Based Ocular Screening - Smartphone Mobile app and Billing?

    Does anyone know if there are any reimbursable CPT codes that I can bill when a provider is using their smartphone mobile app to analys data for an eye test? Or is their a reimbursable CPT code that can be used to bill for conducting the eye exam via the smartphone?
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    CPT code for re evacuation of hematoma from subdural space postoperatively

    Dear All Is there any CPT code available for the craniotomy & re evacuation 0f subdural hematoma done two days after the initial surgery for the same? Physician replaced bone flap also during the second surgery.Can we use the CPT 62143( Replacement of bone flap or prosthetic plate of skull )...
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    CPT code for application of stem cell autograft

    We have been trying to find a CPT code or HCPCS code for application of a stem cell autograft. The orthopedic surgeons are doing this during joint surgeries. Has any one found a code for this? Thanks for the help!
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    NIOV CPT Code

    I know HCPCS code E1352 is used, but is there a procedure cpt code for NIOV Non-Invasive Open Ventilation? I found under Pulmonary - Ventilator Management 94002-94005 could these work?? Thanks! Tanna
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    CPT code for lipoma removed during carpal tunnel release

    The physician did an open carpal tunnel release. He deepened the incision through the subcutaneous fat. Then there was a lipoma present over the transverse carpal tunnel ligament in which he removed. Can you bill the removal of the lipoma in addition to the carpal tunnel release? If so what CPT...
  32. R

    Biceps tendon exploration

    Surgery was scheduled for bicep tendon repair based upon MRI. However, when the surgeon got in there a tear was not found so all that was done was an exploration. I need help with the CPT for that. We originally filed this as unlisted and compared to 24341 but Cigna denied and tells us...
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    Nexplanon-What is the correct

    What is the correct CPT code for insertion of Nexplanon?
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    CPT changes: An insider's view 2016

    Hi, happy Friday to all ! I am wondering if anyone has access to the Insider for 2016 and if so, would you share the update regarding 81311 please? It's the new NRAS code in Molecular Pathology. Last year we were using 81404. Thanks! Megan
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    plasmaphereesis catheter

    Anyone cpt code for per-cutaneous placement of plasmapheresis catheter with fluro?
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    New provider

    We have just hired a new APN and she knows nothing about coding (which scares me) and I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to which webinar would be the best for her. She is very unfamiliar with CPT and ICD10.... I know the ones I like, but I thought I might get input to ensure I hit...
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    CPT code for repair of AV fistula pseudoaneurysm

    Would like some feedback and thoughts on coding for this procedure please. My original thought was to use cpt 35011 for repair of the aneurysm but the aneurysm is actually inside the fistula and wasn't sure if that makes a difference. TIA!
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    New CPT Codes for 2016?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any websites listing new CPT codes for 2016? Thanks!
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    Endoscopy - Ia m getting a denial from Secure

    Ia m getting a denial from Secure Horizon for the services billed below....Any help would be greatly appreciated. Left endoscopic sinonasal tumor resection, CPT 31237/5159 Left endoscopic sinonasal medial maxillectomy, CPT 31267-2251 Left endoscopic sinonasal eyhmoidectomy, CPT 31255/51LT Left...
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    CPT 77280 bundled with 77301

    We received notice that simple sims 77280 are now going to be bundled into the APC payment for IMRT planning services. Are we to take it that the professional component is also bundled as we can still bill the professional component of the imaging 77014,26 but not the technical side?
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    Guillotine Amputation

    I have a physician who is doing a partial amputation of the great toe that he calls a guillotine amputation. He documents that the bone is osteotomized just distal to the interphalangeal joint. What CPT code would you use? Thanks, Alicia, CPC
  42. G

    Cubital tunnel release / anconeus epitrochlearis ?? Is this included with CPT code

    Need to clarify if when the patient is found to have anconeus epitrochlearis and the physician excises this, is this part of the cubital tunnel release or is there another CPT code that needs to be billed with the 64718? Thank you.
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    2015 Tomosythesis Codes

    Is it appropriate to charge CAD (CPT 77051) along with the 77061 and 77062? There is a CCI edit that says that CPT 77052 is a component of the tomosythesis codes but it does not indicate that 77051 is? Anyone know??
  44. T

    Anesthesia cpt 99135

    I am researching how many times you would bill CPT 99135 per claim? I see that 5 units are allowed, so would you expect it to be billed out 5 times or only once and reimbursed x5? thank you for your help!
  45. S

    CPT and ICD-9 books from 2005 to 2010

    Does anyone know how I might get my hands on old CPT and ICD-9 books, specifically 2005 through 2010?
  46. T

    Modifier 22 - Does anyone know if medicaid

    Does anyone know if medicaid and the hmo superior health will pay additional money for the modifier 22 on cpt?
  47. S

    Denial for 97597

    I have tried billing CPT code 97597 and keep getting it denied. I have used several ICD-10 codes and NONE seem to work. Help!
  48. P

    Workers Comp vs Commercial Insurance CPT pricing

    Need some advice: Can a clinic charge different pricing for WC CPT codes vs. Commercial Insurance? Basically, have two fee schedules for our CPT codes. Thanks PK
  49. H

    cpt code for open choledochoduodenostomy

    Looking for cpt code for open choledochoduodenostomy,I am having a hard time finding this cpt code I do come up with 47760 and was wondering if this would be correct?
  50. R

    Medicare and CPT 64561

    Medicare is denying the 2nd 64561 when billed like this? 64561-LT 64561-RT Do I need to add a modifier XS to the 2nd line item? Send reports? The MUE is 1 for this CPT. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!